Nisse Welchman

Nisse Welchman, our Connected Learner Experience winner

We’d like to send out a hearty congratulations to Nisse Welchman! Nisse is the lucky winner of one All Access Pass to our Connected Learner Experience for 2012-13. Nisse is a Spanish, PE, and Social Studies international school teacher at the American International School of Kingston, Jamaica. She’s also a football coach, student government advisor, and lover of learning, adventure, and new experiences.

Part of Nisse’s teaching philosophy: “Ultimately I believe that the best way to learn is through experiences. Therefore I have tried to offer these types of experiences to my students through a variety of opportunities for hands-on learning. What better way to learn than live it?!”

We couldn’t have (randomly) picked a better winner! We are so excited about learning with Nisse this year, and learning from her as well.  You can connect with Nisse on her website or follow her on Twitter.

Want to join Nisse in this powerful year of learning?

Connected Learner Experience

We want to take you from “What is 21st Century learning and why is it important?” to “How do I create a 21st Century classroom or school?” The Connected Learner Experience can get you there. Join hundreds of other educators like Nisse in the most transformative year of your career. Learn more about our Connected Learner Experience here.

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