Powerful Learning Practice‘s co-founder, Will Richardson, gave a five-minute presentation on 19 Bold Ideas for Change at the ISTE 2012 conference.

iste-presentation from Will Richardson on Vimeo.

Key points of presentation:

  1. Give open network tests
  2. Roll your own text
  3. Be Googled well
  4. Flip the power switch
  5. Change the world
  6. Don’t “Do your own work”
  7. Learn first. Teach second.
  8. No more workshops
  9. Share everything
  10. Ask questions you don’t know the answers to
  11. Repeat after me… “I want to be found by strangers on the Internet”
  12. Unlearn.  Relearn.
  13. Résumé.  Shmesume.
  14. Stop Googling.  Get a network.
  15. Go free and open source
  16. Create an “UnCommon Core”
  17. Don’t deliver…discover
  18. Disrupt the system
  19. SCREAM!

What do you believe is needed to change in Education?

Powerful Learning Practice believes in the power of educators and challenges you to re-envision what you do in your school and classroom this upcoming year.  Join our Connected Learner Experience as an individual or school and be a part of the change!


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