Powerful Learning Press (PLPress, for short) is a new ed publishing adventure, launched by Powerful Learning Practice LLC, the world leader (we’re trying to be humble here) in PD for educators who want to master connected teaching and learning.

“Since our inception…our goal at Powerful Learning Practice has been to help bring a different lens for learning to classrooms around the globe and to impact the lives of students in ways that will better prepare them for the worlds they will inherit from us.” — PLP co-founder Will Richardson

Our audacious vision for PLPress: We’ll provide an irresistible alternative to mainstream education publishers — both for educators seeking the “how-to” of connected teaching & learning — and for connected writer-practitioners ready to share what they know.

Here’s our mission statement: PLPress will publish concise, inexpensive books that showcase the authentic voices of teachers, principals and other educators who are revamping their classroom and leadership practices to better meet the learning needs of iGeneration students.

Here’s our thinking: Connected educators in the US, Canada and across the globe are transforming their classrooms and schools, and they have important insights and know-how to share. We believe they shouldn’t be limited by traditional publishing practices or book marketing programs that focus narrowly on the ed-policy trend of the moment.

“We all have to do a better job preparing our millennial students for a connected life in a century of unprecedented opportunity and instability. Powerful Learning Press books are full of insights, reflections and practical advice — all shared by fellow educators who understand that, in the 21st century, teachers must be learners first.” — Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, co-founder and CEO, Powerful Learning Practice

Here’s how we’re different:

  • We’ll publish books in the 15-30,000 word range, as interactive eBooks. Some books will also be offered in print. We know from long experience that busy educators have great ideas and experience to share. But many if not most of them don’t have time to write a 70,000-word book.
  • PLPress authors will retain copyright control of their work and grant limited rights to us. Many first-time education book authors are surprised to learn they don’t retain copyright ownership of their work. Writers who publish with PLPress will own what they produce.
  • Authors will share equally with PLPress in profits from book sales. Compare that to traditional publishers, who offer first-time authors 8-15 percent of profits.

PLPress provides editing, graphics and marketing support. Authors provide their intellectual capital and writer’s sweat. It’s a 50-50 partnership.

“Ask anyone: I love working with teachers and other educators who are ready to scale up their writing and have something valuable and helpful to share. Let’s write a book!” — John Croft Norton, director & chief editor for Powerful Learning Press.

PLPress draws its pool of authors from among educators who:

  • are successfully integrating technology and social media tools
  • use and lead student-directed teaching strategies
  • emphasize inquiry, passion & project-based teaching, and authentic assessment
  • can offer evidence that they’re thoughtful and engaging writers