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App-Free iPad PD: Start with the Possibilities

Posted by on Aug 22, 2013 in Connected Leadership, The How of 21st Century Teaching, Voices, Web Tools That Deepen Learning | 2 comments

As much as teachers may want to be told what to do with new technology, says principal Matt Renfrew, professional developers can end up limiting potential when they plan for specific outcomes rather than possibilities. Renwick put the conversation ahead of the tools and the enthusiasm was contagious.

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Does Your School Need a Culture Re-Boot?

Posted by on Aug 15, 2013 in Local Professional Collaboration, Student Life, The Teaching Life, Voices, What We're Reading | 0 comments

As a new book by Kaplan and Owings clearly demonstrates, many schools are mired in an education culture that’s a poor match for the needs of today’s K12 students. They need a culture re-boot – a process explored in detail by the authors and summarized by PLP Voices reviewer Sister Geralyn Schmidt.

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I Believe in “One Size Fits All” PD

Posted by on Aug 6, 2013 in Connected Leadership, The Moral Imperative, Voices | 10 comments

“There should be no one prescribed way to help students achieve their goals,” says elementary principal Matt Renwick. “Yet to refuse to learn more about teaching practices that have large amounts of evidence to support their use, and instead stick with what we feel comfortable with, is at best being obstinate and at worst neglectful.”

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The Early-Literacy Shift: New Words, New Media, New Friends

Posted by on Jul 28, 2013 in Creating Global Classrooms, Making The Shift, The How of 21st Century Teaching, Voices | 16 comments

The days of students reading only books, writing only on paper and becoming literate in an isolated classroom have past, says primary teacher Kathy Cassidy. Even in Grade One, students need to learn new vocabulary, new mediums of communication, and new ways to connect with the world.

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