This is not just a sit-and-get experience.

It’s not your average two-day conference that gets you excited but then leaves you wondering, “What next?”

This is your chance to go deeper.


This is 7 months of coached, personalized professional learning where you will be a participant in changing your own teaching practice. You’ll co-create content in a collegial, exclusive community of practice full of other educators just like you who share your struggles and obstacles.

This is a choose your own adventure-style professional development experience. But you won’t be alone…

  • You’ll have a 21st Century life coach to help you on your journey throughout your teaching year.
  • You’ll be part of a dynamic full day of learning, team building, and goal setting that you will never forget.
  • You’ll have peers to support you throughout this transformation of your teaching practice through face to face meetings, virtual events, and more.
  • If the Common Core is part of your professional life, you’ll be learning how to reinvent your classroom in ways that assure your students gain full ownership of their learning, become passionate thinkers and doers, and master the complex skills and deeper knowledge envisioned by the Common Core’s creators.

It’s like nothing you’ve ever been a part of, and something you’d kick yourself for missing out on. It’s called the Connected Learner Experience.

Choose Your Own Adventure PD

For 7 months, you’ll be part of a community of educators who are working together to change their teaching practice and shift their classrooms to enhance student learning and achievement.

You pick the area of focus:

Passion Based Learning Action Research
While collaboratively developing and implementing a PBL unit, you will move from introductory to advanced levels of passion based, inquiry driven pedagogy while engaging your students in deep, standards aligned learning. Work with your coach to use a variety of media and new tools that help you learn with others as you change your practice. Select an issue, problem or possibility to address in your school or classroom. Think of this as your Legacy Project. Through the process of action research, you (supported by a coach) will discuss common interests and/or challenges, explore ways of working together collaboratively, identify common solutions, and share good practice and ideas.  Your Legacy Project will have reach, scale, and impact in your classroom and beyond.
“This community thinks deeply about Problem Based Learning, student centered learning, making the shift to being a connected teacher and inquiry learning. There are lots of practical ideas that someone can take away and immediately apply in the classroom. In a similar way, there are posts and articles about how to start thinking about these topics, so if you don’t know anything, it’s a good place to get started.” -Marsha Ratzel, educator, Kansas

Rock your Legacy Project
with a dedicated teaching coach

How a community is formed

Throughout the 7 month process, a dedicated teaching coach will be there to guide you and troubleshoot your experience. Here’s how it works:

You’ll be part of a team of 5 learners from your school. Your team will be part of a community, made up of 20 teams from your geographical area.

Each team will have a dedicated coach, someone well versed in PLP’s Connected Coaching model from your local area who will meet once a month with your team. Their visits will be a blended combination of virtual and face-to-face time at the school.

The PLP professional development model is so smart: It allows teachers to be true learners again. In our PLP work, we encounter new information, skills and concepts related to how technology is contributing to the shift and shape of education. We are challenged to make sense of our roles in this shift, and we are encouraged to develop a community of connected colleagues with whom we wrestle with the questions of how we can best help students learn and thrive with their knowledge and skills in the 21st Century. -Christa Forster, educator, Texas
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7 months of connected learning – the timeline and curriculum

Timeline for the year

At the face-to-face kickoff event for each community, we’ll spend one dynamic day together (all 100 educators) for a workshopped extravaganza of dynamic speakers and hands-on learning.

On day two you’ll spend time with your coach in your classroom and school planning out your personalized path for learning. Your coach will spend the next school year guiding you through a connected learning journey of changed classroom practice, networked connections, and meaningful project development.

Whether you choose a curricular focus or action research for your project, both will result in improved student learning and achievement as well as personal growth for you as a learner. Your coach will also provide your team with timely updates on your progress and a monthly report with observations, accomplishments, and suggestions.

The webinars

You’ll participate in 7 self-paced, content-driven video webinars accompanied by interactive learning guides. After the webinar, you’ll collaborate with others in the Connected Learner Experience via “get connected” activities for each topic. You can watch what others are learning and doing, and get support.

Here are some examples of the content-driven webinars. Yours may vary depending on which PD Adventure you choose.

Teaching and Learning in a Digital Age – Connecting yourself and your students to a wide world of learning, utilizing digital tools, social media, and personal learning networks.

Using Inquiry Based Learning to Meet High Standards – Whether you and your students are striving to meet Common Core standards or the expectations established by your independent or parochial school, you’ll learn how to meet learning goals using inquiry driven strategies.

Putting the Passion into PBL – Inquiry based teaching embraces problems, projects, and most of all, passions. Learn how to rev up learning in your classroom by tapping into what excites and engages your students

Taking PBL from Idea to Implementation – Teaching the PBL way requires a major investment of time and energy by you and your students. Learn to transform good PBL ideas into great PBL learning, step by step.

Making Learning Visible –  Find out how to make thinking and learning “visible” for your students in ways that deepen and extend their understanding of content and create powerful learner cultures. We will discuss ways to make your teaching visible to your students so they can become their own self directed teachers.

Assessment for Learning – We can create a classroom assessment system that is both standards-based and worthy of an authentic, inquiry-driven classroom. Learn how to use assessment as a learning strategy in and of itself that guides the student through the learning process with formative feedback and embedded learning.

Building Collective Intelligence – How do we increase our Innovation Quotient? In connected learning communities, ideas are generated together and mediated together, and innovation grows from the emerging collective intelligence.

After each webinar, you’ll take what you’ve learned back to your team, work on your projects, and troubleshoot implementation issues with your coach.

You’ll also participate in 5 synchronous, live webinars. During these sessions, you’ll onnect with others, collaborate, co-construct and deepen your understanding of the content you just learned in the 7 expert-led sessions.

“Powerful Learning Practice is such a game changer. The process of discovery that I have embarked upon will help all of my students in the future. I try to share more, connect more and challenge myself to be better because of this program. My energy and excitement about teaching is at an all time high and it’s not coming down. If you have the chance, try it! Make the chance, be the change you want to see in the world, because most likely they will be doing PLP too!” -Darren Kools, educator, Ontario, Canada

At the end of this experience, you’ll present your project findings and outcomes in a learning showcase at your culminating event. Together, we’ll celebrate the learning, share successes, talk about what worked and what didn’t. Collaboratively we will create an action plan for next steps that will keep the momentum going for the next year.

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Why this works

This blended learning experience will appeal to all learner types – you’ll get a combination of face-to-face, virtual, and self-paced learning.

This community-building professional development model will change you, your teaching practice, and how you see yourself as a learner first. Our model is research-based and proven to make you a more effective educator. We know that working together, we are more than the sum of our parts.

“PLP has been an incredible growth experience for me. Here, I find people to bounce ideas off, to challenge the way I think, to push me to do more, go further, think deeper, try again and again and yes, again, to figure out the best way to help my colleagues and students and me make the shift to 21st century learning. I am not the same learner I was before I began this journey, and I know I have much farther to go.” – Lisa Noble, educator, Ontario, Canada

Spots are limited this year, don’t miss out

We know that budgets are tight.  For the cost of a 3-day conference, you can be part of a 7-month journey with a collegial community of educators that will change your teaching practice forever. Federal funding such as Title IIa can also help pay for this program.

We want to make sure this experience takes you deeper into your learning and your changed practice than ever before. That’s why we are seriously limiting the number of seats available this year.

We are only accepting 3 regional communities for this experience. Once it’s sold out, it’s sold out! When our enrollment is full, you’ll have to wait over a year to participate again.

Don’t kick yourself for missing this. Save a spot for your team now – click the button below. We’ll be in touch to help you build your school team, talk to you about the possibility of your school being the regional community host, and explore an amazing year of teaching and learning.

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“PLP is constantly looking to inspire its participants, challenge their assumptions, and support them through the change process. By putting the emphasis on teachers as learners, first and foremost, PLP helps strengthen the way in which learning organizations serve students.” – Lyn Hilt, K-6 principal, Pennsylvania

A Risk Free Learning Experience

Money-back guaranteeYou might be concerned that this program won’t work the way we’ve just said it will. We understand it’s a significant investment — significant not just in amount but in value. That’s why we are offering a no risk, money back guarantee. At the end of the year, if you have been a full participant in the Connected Educator Experience, but feel that your teaching and learning haven’t shifted and you don’t feel connected as part of a global community of educators, we will refund 100% of your moneyYour refund will be processed after an exit interview so we can learn how to make our program better the next time around.

Graduate Credit Available

Powerful Learning Practice (PLP) has partnered with The University of North Dakota to offer graduate professional development credit for this program. You may receive four credits per semester. Get complete details.

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