Educational Leadership in the Digital Age

School administrators are charged with leading their schools in a time of rapid change and ever-evolving digital technologies. It is imperative for school leaders to embrace innovative shifts in teaching and learning by incorporating emerging technologies and social media to enhance their own professional practice, as well as strengthen communications, collaborative efforts, and student learning outcomes for their organization.

Here are some tips for being a more connected school leader.

Google Yourself.

Now’s the time to take control of your digital footprint. What does your Google search reveal about you? Have you contributed directly to the items in your footprint? How could you start to build a powerful digital identity?

Join Twitter.

  • Set up a profile that clearly identifies you as a school leader.
  • Follow other educational leaders.
  • Join in the conversations! Check out #cpchat for administrative tweets and engage in a weekly chat such as #edchat or #ptchat.

Start a blog.

Consider the use of WordPress, Edublogs, or Blogger. Blog about your school, lessons in leadership, practical reflections, and share ideas.

Save some trees.

  • Transform a traditional mode of communication such as a paper newsletter to parents into a digital mode that allows for two-way communication through the use of a home-school blog, podcast, shared video message, or through a school Facebook page.
  • Experiment with various methods of communicating with staff. Instead of paper bulletins or weekly faculty meetings that simply review or list information, consider the use of shared meeting agendas on Google Docs or setting up a blog to share interactively with your staff.

Read others’ blogs.

  • Find at least 10 blogs of other educational leaders that inspire you. Check out Connected Principals for a collection of great posts from school leaders.
  • Subscribe to the feeds using a RSS service such as Feedly or The Old Reader.
  • Try to comment on at least three blog posts per week and share with others via Twitter.

Educational Leadership in the Digital Age: want to learn more?

Educational Leadership in the Digital AgeNOT SURE HOW TO LEAD IN THE DIGITAL AGE? Join Powerful Learning Practice for a five-week Educational Leadership eCourse where you will explore:

  • the role of the principal/school leader as lead learner in the organization
  • ISTE’s NETS for Administrators as standards by which principals should strive to achieve digital age proficiencies
  • the ways in which a principal can establish a digital footprint and develop a personal learning network
  • how to harness the power of social media and digital technologies to improve communications both within and beyond their school communities, including the use of blogging to both communicate with your school community and support reflective practice
  • the use of web tools such as Google Docs to provide opportunities for increased collaboration among stakeholders in the organization as well as tools for creativity and curation
  • the development and implementation of policies, procedures, and professional development that support digital age learning
  • transformation of pedagogy and supervision/evaluation practices supported by the use of digital tools
  • self-driven project work, the completion of which will broaden participants’ comfort with and use of tools that support their current work in schools

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