You must register to attend the webinars

Why? Each webinar has a capacity of 95 participants. If you do not register in advance then you may not get your first choice for day/time.


If you have a Connected Learner Experience All-Access or Virtual Plus Pass (you’re going through a full, year-long experience)

You must register for each webinar individually. Click on a button below to register.

Webinar 10


If you have a Webinar Only Pass (you’re only attending the ten webinars)

You may register for a webinar individually OR as a team. If a group of you are going to log into one computer (with all of you sitting in one room and watching and listening via a projector and speakers) then you only need to register that one computer. In other words, each computer logged into the webinar needs to have one person registered.

Webinar 10


The calendar below displays PLP Events like kickoffs and culminating events (shown yellow) and Webinar Sessions (shown in green)


All webinar times are listed in Eastern (New York).  If you are in a different time zone please use the Time Zone Converter.  International participants please select USA-New York for the location.


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