Action research

Action Research

Action research is a process in which Powerful Learning Team members collaboratively examine their own educational practice systematically and carefully. Action research is:

  • Disciplined inquiry into a problem or possibility within the school or classroom
  • Collaborative and usually takes place in a community of practice
  • Meaningful, positive, and reflective
  • Data-driven, action-based, improvement-focused
  • Transformative

We’ve got a showcase of Action Research projects from schools who have participated in the Powerful Learning Practice experience. Check them out

Free, open source curriculum

Powerful Learning Practice supports its Communities with live events featuring experts, practitioners, and educational thought leaders from around the world. We are offering these challenging, action-packed sessions to extend learning opportunities beyond our Communities to the rest of the globe. Get free 21st Century Curriculum

Doomsday-1 Mission to Save the Earth

The Challenge: Design a plan to save the world from an imminent collision with the Doomsday-1 Asteroid and prepare a video presentation for the President highlighting the merits of your plan. A successful plan will make a great case for its’ chance of success in the allotted time before impact and will be rooted in research and logic. The students’ math and science must make sense and they must consult with an outside expert who will help guide them in their designs and recommend their plan to the President. All members of the group are responsible for a working knowledge of the entire plan. Photos and videos will be shared. Read more about the Doomsday-1 Mission