Many busy teachers and school leaders have great ideas and experience to share but don’t have time to write a 70,000-word book. Powerful Learning Press can help visionary educators get those ideas out in the world so others can learn from them.

How are we different?

  • Powerful Learning Press places a high priority on publishing the work of educators who are transforming classrooms and schools to serve 21st century learners.
  • Most of the books we publish will be concise (100 pages or less) and action-oriented (written with practitioners in mind).
  • Unlike most education publishers, we will not claim copyright ownership of your book; authors retain copyright control and grant limited rights to PL Press.
  • Best of all, authors share profits from book sales 50/50 with PL Press. Compare this to the typical contract offered by major education publishers, where first-time authors typically receive 8-15 percent.

We see publishing as a collaborative partnership. Powerful Learning Press will provide editing, graphics and marketing support, and the author will provide his or her unique intellectual capital and writer’s sweat.

Before you submit a proposal, we recommend that you learn more of the story behind Powerful Learning Press. Visit our blog, see our November 2012 press release announcing the launch, and browse our first (free) eBook — a collection of essays by Voices from the Learning Revolution bloggers, including several who are also publishing solo books with PLPress in 2013.

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