Teach your students about regions of the United States in a fun, interactive way with a Mystery Skype lesson by educator Patti Grayson.

Mystery Skype Lesson PlanIn this interactive lesson plan, learn how to conduct a Mystery Skype lesson with your classroom.

Students learn about different regions of the United States including the climate, landforms, resources, economy, and people of those regions. Mystery Skype is a connected learning experience that allows student-driven learning, inquiry, and deductive reasoning to be at the forefront of instruction. In a Mystery Skype session, a call is received by another class, but neither class knows the location of the other.

Using geography questions, students use maps and construct yes or no questions to ask the other class in order to determine their location first! Students build inquiry skills, learning how to formulate questions that will further their learning.

Question askers and map-readers work together to figure out the questions that will best narrow down the location of the other class, while recorders write down the information learned and the answering team receives questions from the other class. The role of the teacher is to facilitate – to help direct the Skype call, and to encourage students to use the information they gain to formulate questions as they learn. Mystery Skype calls take approximately 20-30 minutes and are easy to schedule.

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This lesson plan includes:

Sample page

Sample page from the lesson plan

  • An introductory video from educator Patti Grayson
  • The What, How, Why, and When of Mystery Skype
  • An video of mystery skype happening in a real classroom
  • The Lesson Plan – Objectives, materials, anticipatory set, roles, and reflection
  • Are You Ready? Checklist
  • Things to Think About
  • Reflection Questions
  • Additional Resources

This downloadable lesson plan is in a PDF format, which is easily read on any computer, tablet, or mobile device. This lesson plan is just $9.99. For one week, save $3 with coupon code SKYPE at checkout!

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About the author

Patti GraysonPatti Grayson is a 4th grade teacher at Hampton Roads Academy in Newport News, Virginia. She serves as the Lower School Technology Representative, and is part of the school’s Digital Learning Team. She is a connected educator, and works to connect her students to other classes through blogging, Skype, Edmodo, and Twitter. She has been involved with PLP since 2010, serving as a writer for PLP’s Voices From the Learning Revolution, and as a Connected Coach. Her articles have also appeared at MindShift and Teach.com, and she was named a Top 10 Teacher in the Hampton Roads community for 2012. You can find Patti online at Patti’s Ponderings, and on Twitter @pattigrayson.

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Educator and lesson plan creator Patti Grayson says,

“Mystery Skype is an invaluable experience for my students. It brings the regions and diversity of our great country to life as they meet students who live in areas much different from their own and learn about their land forms, climate, resources, and history. This isn’t just about map skills and geography terms, though. As they work together to figure out the location of the mystery caller, I see my students building critical teamwork and problem solving skills. Mystery Skype is inquiry-based, student-driven, connected learning at its finest!”

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