Teaching Online & Blended LearningIn today’s classroom, being a connected educator is no longer just optional. In order to be successful in teaching today’s students, you as an educator need to be able to collaborate and be connected with educators from around the world. You also need to know how to thrive in blended and online learning spaces.

It’s important that we as educators understand safe, ethical ways to use technology to position ourselves aslearners first – to see the value of owning these skills so we can model and help our students be connected learners. Teaching them to leverage technology to get the kind of jobs that require them to have this skill set is so important – but we have to own it first!

Teaching Online & Blended Learning is an upcoming course that will prepare you to be an online professor, teach online courses in blended environments such as a virtual school, or teaching blended courses in traditional settings. Through this 10-week eCourse you will explore:

  • How to plan and deliver online instruction
  • Creating an online syllabus, designing discussions, and questioning techniques
  • Launching your online course: What to expect in the first few weeks
  • Managing and facilitating group projects
  • Technology integration, crowdsourcing, and other 21st Century skills
  • Authentic assessment
  • and more

This course starts July 1st and space is limited!

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What can you expect from this course?

This course is unique, and our 5-star reviewers can tell you why. Teaching Online & Blended Learning will teach you how to be a connected educator, and we’ll cover some tools for doing so, but we will also learn how to teach online in effective ways. This course won’t just teach you how to digitize analog content, but it will truly help you develop online facilitation skills. So whether you want to teach an online course, facilitate online activities (like a book club or webinar), or use online learning components in your traditional classroom setting, it will give you the skills you need. Then even if you are a traditional classroom teacher, you can cherry pick the best of these online skills and offer them in a blended capacity in your face-to-face classroom setting.

An interview with instructor Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach

Sheryl Nussbaum-BeachIn this interview, Sheryl explains why being a connected educator is important, who should take this course, and what the participants can expect.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about taking this course but on the fence about it? The biggest perk that my former students have emphasized to me was the sense of community you’ll develop with others while taking the course. The educators you meet and get to know over the ten weeks during this course will become part of your personal learning network. You’ll challenge each other, help one another, answer questions, and more. Long after the course is over you’ll still be collaborating and connecting, and will feel a deep sense of community with these other educators. You also become part of the PLP community hub which is a vibrant, lively, online community of practice where you can link up with thousands of educators around the world. Watch the video interview here.

What they’re saying

Cary HarrodSheryl sets the bar high (as usual); participants are thrown into the waters but always, always with a life preserver at the ready. What I loved most about this course was that you learned about teaching online…ONLINE! So Sheryl is modeling each and every week what you should be doing as a facilitator of online learning. Best of all, Sheryl’s view of online learning is not some rendition of plopping content into an LMS and asking participants to simply read, respond and respond again; she walks her talk by weaving in every ounce of what she believes about learning…that it should be authentic, interactive and connected. It doesn’t get much better. Anyone considering going down the road of blended learning should take this course…it is exquisite!” – Cary Harrod, Instructional Technology Specialist, Ohio 

Is this course for you?

This course will change the way you think about teaching and learning online. You’ll start to think deeply about how your teaching practice changes when you’re instructing in an online space. Traditional teaching skills don’t always carry over. This course will enable you to think in an “online frame” and consider what attributes and dispositions you need that are sometimes different from face-to-face instruction. It will help you leverage technology and tools to their potential, as well as give you the skills for picking the right kind of technology, and then combining it with the best pedagogy to teach a particular content objective.

We used to have a choice as teachers about whether to be fluent in technology or not – that’s not the case today. All teachers should be comfortable in teaching in an online space. Now, it’s just one more dimension of the job, and a skill that’s essential for the modern educator.

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Our next course starts July 1st.

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