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Passionate Learners

Passionate LearnersIn Passionate Learners: Giving Our Classrooms Back to Our Students, Pernille Ripp shares what and how she changed—and how her students changed with her. We learn about the little and not-so-little things she did over the course of a transformational year, so that she could shift the responsibility for learning – the joy and wonder of it – to the kids themselves.

Whether you are just beginning or well on your way in your teaching career, this book can inspire you to break rules, take risks, and eagerly pursue your journey toward a classroom filled with passionate learners. Buy now

Connected from the Start

Connected from the StartIn her book, Connected from the Start: Global Learning in the Primary Grades, primary teacher Kathy Cassidy makes a compelling case for connecting our youngest students to the world, using the transformative power of Internet tools and technologies. Her well-balanced text presents both the rationale for connecting students “from the start” and the how-to details and examples teachers need to involve children in grades K-3 in using blogs, Twitter, Skype and other social media to become true global learners. Buy now

Digital Student Portfolios

Digital Student PortfoliosIn Digital Student Portfolios: A Whole School Approach to Connected Learning and Continuous Assessment, Renwick recounts the journey that he and his faculty are taking to overcome the limitations of report cards, permanent records and paper student folders and create a dynamic 21st century approach to chronicling student growth.

Renwick’s narrative, fully supported by research and enriched with many examples of practice within his school, will appeal to school and teacher leaders across the grade levels who have an interest in the formative and summative power of web-based, multimedia student portfolios. Buy now

Teaching in High Gear

Teaching in High GearIn her game-changing book, Teaching in High Gear: My Shift Toward a Student-Driven, Inquiry-Based Science Classroom, middle grades teacher Marsha Ratzel describes how she acquired the knowledge and skills to evolve her classroom from a traditional “teacher at the top” environment to a space where students are eager to accept ownership of their learning adventure.

In her interactive eBook, Marsha includes insightful tips about creating a professional network capable of supporting the shift to “less teacher, more student.” She also shares advice and resources that can help science, mathematics and other K12 teachers guide students to pursue their passions and assume more responsibility for their own intellectual growth. Buy now

Kidding Around

Kidding AroundKidding Around: Connecting kids to happiness, laughter and humor provides educators and parents with structured research- and evidence-based practices and 40 activities to use with kids of all ages. These resources will add to the repertoire of teachers as they provide a curriculum that builds student capacity. Kidding Around may also have a positive impact on your own well being.

This book assists by:

  • providing strategies to promote mental health literacy and well being
  • making the connections between happiness, laughter and humor
  • blending the happiness and positive psychology movements
  • focusing on appreciative education and helpful humor
  • eliminating humor that isn’t fun (e.g., when teasing becomes bullying)

Buy now

Laughing Matters

Laughing MattersLaughing Matters: Strategies to Build a Joyful Learning Community is an engaging resource that offers practical strategies for bringing humor and fun into your school’s classrooms, culture, leadership and staff learning. Based on research that reveals humor’s physiological, psychological, and sociological benefits, Laughing Matters will teach you how to use the power of laughter to:

  • enhance students’ learning potential
  • make curriculum and assessment less intimidating and more fun
  • connect with students and engage them in school
  • create a collaborative culture for staff and student
  • lead with humor and joy in policy and staff learning


BromeandoSue Stephenson is Canadian and the original book was written in English. Bromeando has been carefully translated into Spanish by respected translator Lorenza Castiello. The author recognizes that readers of this Spanish translation will be aware of other resources from their culture that extend the scope of this book. Readers are encouraged to send any suggestions or additions to the author via her website or email to enrich the quality of the book and its use for Spanish speaking children, teachers and families.

La autora de este libro es canadiense y el libro original se escribió en inglés. Bromeando es una cuidadosa traducción al español. La autora reconoce que los lectores de esta traducción al español estarán conscientes de otros recursos en su cultura que pueden ampliar el ámbito de este libro. Los aliento a enviar cualquier sugerencia o adición a la autora mediante su página web o su correo electrónico para enriquecer la calidad del libro y su uso para niños, maestros y familias de habla hispana.

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