11174569_10100623041312087_5779182901973976854_oDear PLN,

It was my birthday recently and as a result I have been reflecting on my life’s accomplishments and projected goals for the future.

As many of you know my professional passions are deeply embedded improving education for all learners, especially as that relates to connected and collaborative learning experiences. I am legacy-minded in my educational pursuits, thinking selectively about what I spend my time and energy on. This past year has provided much satisfaction in terms of my focused projects.

I had an opportunity to reinvent and relaunch my company Powerful Learning Practice with a focus on self-directed learning in ways we only dreamed of before. I co-chaired, for the fourth year, Connected Educator Month and we celebrated the momentum we gained in becoming a global, collectively owned, professional learning experience this year.

Most gratifying this year was helping to lead a project with the American Institutes for Research and the United States Department of Education around Future Ready Leadership. I am humbled to be traveling to the White House on Thursday as part of the team who will share that work with top leadership across our country. And that brings me to the point of this letter.

I also spent this year and the last two years serving on the ISTE Board of Directors. The work I have done on the Board has been some of the most constructive and impassioned work in my career. I have had the privilege of serving on many Boards over the years and have often found the work to be ceremonial without real impact, but not with ISTE. As a member of the ISTE Board I have been challenged to grow and position myself as a learner first.

Additionally, my voice was not only heard- but many of the ideas I generated in our discussions have come to pass in a concrete form. I am also pleased to be able to represent the members, many of you reading this, in true and meaningful ways. I regularly take a strong stand on behalf of equity, connected learning, and use a “pedagogy first” lens in what I share. Because we are a small Board the expertise we bring to the table matters. I want to continue the work I have started. I feel like the learning around policy governance we have done as a Board under Holly Jobe and Kecia Ray’s leadership is really starting to materialize in very positive ways. I would like to opportunity to continue in that effort and I need your help to make that happen.

I am up for re-election. The competition is steep. Today is the LAST day to vote. So if you are going to help me you have to act right now. It’s easy. If you are a member just click this link and vote for me (by 5pm Eastern/NY time today) and two others to serve on the Board. If you are not a member, I can’t encourage you enough to join. Not just so you can vote, but so you can be part of one of the most powerful learning experiences I have in my day-to-day learning. ISTE is a tribe that builds and leverages collective intelligence. The conference is the place I network with all the folks in my PLN every year. It is a great professional association.

The clock is ticking. Your vote does matter. Will you help me continue to leave the legacy in education that supports digital literacy and future ready goals? Click here to vote.

I appreciate you,


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During a 25-year education career, Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach has been a classroom teacher, technology coach, charter school principal, district administrator, university instructor and digital learning consultant. Sheryl is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Powerful Learning Practice, where she works with schools and districts from around the world to re-envision their learning cultures and communities through the Connected Learner Experience and other e-learning opportunities. She is the author (with Lani Ritter Hall) of The Connected Educator: Learning and Leading in a Digital Age (Solution Tree, 2012) and serves on the ISTE Board of Directors.
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