Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach: Learn to teach online and become a more connected & creative educator!

My e-course “Teaching Online: Becoming a Connected Educator” is for anyone interested in teaching an online class. The teaching might be associated with a pre-service or graduate level college program for educators — or in a college or K-12 virtual school setting with students. We’ll be looking at how you, as an online instructor, can use the power of technology to create connected learning activities, design your syllabus, and craft ongoing assessments that really unleash the learning of your students.

Transform Your Teaching One Lesson at a Time, says Jennifer Bloomingdale

In an interview about her new five-week PLP e-course, “Transformation, One Lesson at a Time,” teacher-consultant Jennifer Bloomingdale describes how she’ll work with fellow educators who are ready to bring 21st Century teaching ideas into their classroom. “To me, one lesson at a time is important because making any change in the classroom can be overwhelming,” says Jennifer. “I am a strong believer that taking little steps and being patient with yourself will eventually lead to the bigger changes you want to see.”

Power Up Student Learning with Web 2.0: Kevin Jarrett Talks about His PLP eCourse

Web 2.0 teaching expert Kevin Jarrett talks about what educators will learn in his flipped PLP e-course, “21st Century-ize Your Curriculum.” The 5-week course blends live and asynchronous learning, Jarrett says, as participants explore five major web-based tools for teaching & learning. The course “is designed with all K-12 teachers in mind. In our sessions we strive to dream up engaging, practical, scalable lessons.” (Course starts Feb. 6 and again on Mar. 26)

My Teaching Channel Adventure: Connected Coaching, Social Media & Some Serendipity

My Teaching Channel Adventure: Connected Coaching, Social Media & Some Serendipity

Have you heard of the Teaching Channel? Neither had I until a talented video producer gave me a call and asked if I would be willing to serve as a pedagogical expert in a short professional development video. My task: Coach a first-year social studies teacher through...

My ISTE11 Experience: Confessions of an Introvert

Cross posted I spent the better part of the beginning of this week at ISTE11 in Philadelphia.  While there is so much to digest, I want to share an initial reflection. To do that I need to return to January and Educon 2.3.  When I left Educon 2.3 this winter, I felt...

Is Boredom the Answer?

My contract with AT&T is up in a few days, and, because of all the dropped calls I seem to have in my house, I swore I would switch back to Verizon as soon as I could. (We don’t have a land line.) I figured I would purchase the Verizon iPhone and simply...