PLP Live: Could This Be Your First Day of Transformation?

Interview with Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach: “I think this conference is going to be incredible. This is not marketing talk — this is my passionate belief: If you are a teacher or school leader who is feeling more and more restless about shifting your professional practice to serve the urgent, unmet needs of iGeneration students, this could be the day your transformation begins.”

During Connected Educators Month: Voices from the Learning Revolution (Wk 1)

During Connected Educators Month we’re sharing frontline stories about what it means to be a connected teacher and leader, in the classroom and the school. Each Wednesday we’ll feature several articles by Voices from the Learning Revolution bloggers — posts that capture the spirit and immense value of connected professional learning.

THIS WEEK: From lurkers to connected learners; resilience in the high-stakes classroom; connected PD that’s free; what good classroom tech looks like.

Conferences, unconferences, educamps – Now what?

I’ve been thinking about conferences recently. And unconferences. And a new kind of get-together that I don’t quite have a name for. It kiind of began when Hadley said she said that she didn’t need more ideas so much as time to implement the ones she already has. Isn’t that the truth! Maybe it’s time to take a step back, temporarily, to reflect and put some ideas into action?