Blogging TIps

Blogging can be a smart move professionally, or it can be a powerful learning strategy for student achievement. But with all the platforms and blogs out there, it can be tough to know how to get started and maintain a great blog. We’ve put together some blogging tips for teachers who want to leverage this tool.

Experiment with different blogging sites

  • Features and cost may greatly vary
  • Some are better suited for younger bloggers
  • Administrative control is available for educators on some
  • Blogs can be private or public

Define your purpose & be consistent

  • Do you want to write about educational issues, classroom activities, personal hobbies, family?
  • Are you blogging as a professional or with your students?
  • Create a brand
  • Readers will return to blogs that maintain a consistent theme

Decide who will be your audience

  • Students, parents, educational colleagues, leaders, or others

Engage your readers

  • Make it personal by writing in the first person
  • Share your experiences, opinions and ideas
  • Encourage and respond to comments left on your blog

Let others know about your blog

  • Share your blog through social media channels
  • Post your blog URL on your class web page, newsletters, etc.

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