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The free 132-page eBook includes 22 short essays drawn from PLP’s popular group blog Voices from the Learning Revolution.

The unique collection supports teachers who are just beginning to make the shift from teacher-centered to student-centered learning.

The personal essays, which first appeared in the Voices from the Learning Revolution group blog, include images, clickable links and videos – plus selected comments by readers of the original posts.

The authors featured in Powering Up include well-known education bloggers like Ann Michaelsen, Kathy Cassidy, Brian Crosby, Lyn Hilt, Jenny Luca, Marsha Ratzel and Shelley Wright, and relative newcomers like Virginia fourth-grade teacher Patti Grayson, who began documenting her shift to student-centered teaching while participating in PLP’s year-long Connected Learner Experience.

The book also includes a foreword by education thought-leader and PLP co-founder Will Richardson, who writes:

“These authors show us that if we have a passion to keep learning, a will to innovate, and a capacity to problem-solve and collaborate, we can make great things happen for the children who we serve.”

The Connected Teacher: Powering Up

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