What We Believe

We believe in messy learning within a culture of collaboration.

You will work in a culture of collaboration to make sense of your messy, non-traditional, non-linear, learning spaces. We’ll help you understand how to facilitate student ability to find and solve problems within the classroom, community, and world.

We believe in getting uncomfortable.

When learners are pulled outside their comfort zones, that’s where the magic happens.

We believe in the self-actualization of educators.

We provide you with a framework that allows for deep professional growth through your own passions, interests, and collaboration with others. 

We believe in self-directed learning.

The type of learning where you choose your own goals and set your own path, rather than having the path created for you. 


We believe in networks.

You will engage in meaningful, powerful, intentional connected experiences with others. Creating an intentional network is a literacy that leads to better professional practice and a fuller personal life

We believe in capacity-building.

Relationships are the currency of capacity-building. Connected learning allows individuals and groups to build capacity, and student and educators to build self and collective efficacy.  

We believe in the whole educator.

Educators are more than just pedagogy, grades, and classrooms. We want to help you not only chase your own passions but leverage them to help children learn. We use a gentle approach that helps avoid burnout and gives you a healthy balance between your personal and professional life.

We believe in learning and reflecting deeply.

You will persevere as you explore ideas and concepts, rethink, revise, and resist the urge to finish prematurely.

We believe in student agency and entrepreneurialism.

We know that deep learning requires students to think, question, pursue, and create. We will help you tap into students’ interests and passions in ways that create agency and ownership of their learning.

We believe in just-in-time support. 

We want to provide laser focused guidance, scaffolding and support to educators who collaborate and learn alongside us. 

We believe in legacy.

We want to help educators create a legacy based on what’s important to them- a lasting impact with which they can set the world on fire.