What we believe


We believe in messy learning within a culture of collaboration. Through non-linear, non-directed, self-initiated learning, our educators find and solve problems within their classroom, their city, and the world together.

We believe in getting uncomfortable. When educators are pulled outside their comfort zones, that’s where the magic happens.

We believe in the self-actualization of educators. We provide them with a framework that allows for deep professional growth through their own passions and interests.

We believe by immersing educators in the same Web 2.0 environments their students use every day, our educators will meet their students where they are and speak their language.

We believe in networks. Meaningful, powerful, intentional connected experiences. Creating a purposeful network is a learned skill that leads to better professional practice and a fuller personal life.

We believe in capacity-building. We are dedicated to the ongoing development of expertise in each educator who works with us.

We believe in learning and reflecting deeply. We know this takes perseverance, even as we push new colleagues to explore ideas and concepts, rethink, revise, unpack and repack, resist the urge to finish prematurely.

We believe in modeling ourselves out of a job. We want our educators to take what they’ve learned with us and their powerful legacy project back to their classroom, school, or city, and set the world on fire.

We believe that none of us is as good or as smart as all of us.

Core propositions

Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, PLP co-founder, coined the phrase connected learning communities to describe the PLP experience.

The connected learning community model is based on empirical research and years of experience. It represents a three-pronged approach to professional development. Connected learning communities weave together:

  1. Learning communities that happen face-to-face at school.
  2. Purposeful learning networks where we harvest and share resources.
  3. Global, online communities of practice and inquiry where we dig deep.

Traditional professional development models (like in-services and one-day conferences) fail to focus on the realities of daily classroom life and the skills needed to serve today’s iGeneration learner. Our Connected Learner Experience is grounded in job-embedded activities where professional learning becomes a regular part of the educator’s work day. We help you integrate technology, content, and the best pedagogy in ways that excite student interest and advance school improvement goals. We advocate for professional learning that builds collective responsibility for student success and shifts the culture within the school to one of learning first, teaching second.

That’s what PLP is all about.