Teaching In High Gear

Teaching In High Gear

My Shift Toward a Student-Driven, Inquiry-Based Science Classroom

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Teaching In High Gear

In this game-changing book Teaching In High Gear, middle grades teacher Marsha Ratzel describes how she acquired the knowledge and skills to evolve her classroom from a traditional “teacher at the top” environment to a space where students are eager to accept ownership of their learning adventure.

Marsha’s transformational journey was marked by a gradual shift toward student-driven learning and bolstered with encouragement from a powerful global network of like-minded educators ready to collaborate on behalf of kids.

“As I climbed higher in my teaching practices, I had to shift gears and learn to seek out colleagues who helped me figure out the questions to ask myself and strategies to get me up the hill…. With my Personal Learning Network’s support, I found my momentum. I was able to take the small successes that I was experiencing with students and build those into some bigger feats.”

In her interactive eBook, Marsha includes insightful tips about creating a professional network capable of supporting the shift to “less teacher, more student.” She also shares advice and resources that can help science, mathematics and other K12 teachers guide students to pursue their passions and assume more responsibility for their own intellectual growth. As Marsha says:

“Once you’ve tasted this kind of teaching—seen students learn so much more in your classes than they ever have learned before—then the fun of it, the reward of it, is so great that you strive to get back into this kind of flow every time you walk into the classroom.”

Teaching In High Gear

This digital book includes:

Dozens of color photos

A welcome video from Marsha

Many links to Marsha's helpful downloads and other resources

A look inside Marsha's classroom showing how she developed and applied concepts in the book

This digital book is in a PDF format, which is easily read on any computer, tablet, or mobile device.

What they’re saying

In Teaching in High Gear, you get to witness first hand the evolution of an educator who decides to create a learning environment that works for all students. (Marsha Ratzel’s) classroom moves beyond the four walls in her school. Her students become co-creators and deliverers of the content. Her parents and personal learning network get first hand access to their progress and performance thanks to the power of social media. Her school now has a model of a 21st century educator.

Just as important, Marsha discovers a powerful life lesson about this process of becoming an inquiry-based, student-driven educator.

In the future, students who have Mrs. Ratzel as their teacher will reap the benefits of her courage to become better. This book provides a clear pathway for any educator to follow the trail she has blazed. Read more

Matt Renwick

Author, Educator

Great book! Practical tips on getting students to spend more time on learning and put more energy into it.

Tina Barseghian

Editor, MindShift

At its core, Teaching in High Gear is the transparent tale of a reflective teacher working to change her practice and to create a learning space that best serves her students. By painting an honest picture of what “changing practice” looks like in action – by sharing her fears, describing her struggles, and celebrating her successes – Ratzel reminds us all that “excellent teaching is not so much something we achieve as something we pursue.

Bill Ferriter

Teacher, Author

What a book! An absolute “must read” for all STEM teachers!

Anne Jolly

STEM by Design blog

Get Support for Making the Shift

Learn how to get to “less teacher, more student.”

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About The Author

Marsha Ratzel

Marsha Ratzel

Author, National Board Certified Math & Science Teacher

Marsha Ratzel is a National Board-certified science and math teacher in the Blue Valley (KS) School District and a popular blogger (Reflections of a Techie). In the past three years she has taught 6th and 8th grade science and 8th grade algebra. Ratzel has also written about connected learning and expert teaching practice for Education Week, Voices from the Learning Revolution, Educational Horizons and other publications.

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Make the Shift Toward a Student-Driven, Inquiry-Based Classroom

Join Marsha Ratzel and learn how she evolved her classroom from a traditional “teacher at the top” environment to a space where students are eager to accept ownership of their learning adventure.

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