Google Docs for the Connected Classroom

Learn how-to create and collaborate with Google Docs for professional and classroom use.

Instructor-led, 2-week course, $90
October 21 – November 4, 2015

Connected Coaching

When I was a classroom teacher, I remember the nights that I carried home heavy tote bags full of student notebooks to correct work and leave feedback. The next day I’d often get to work and realize I left the pile of notebooks at home, or that I was missing papers which were on my ktichen table!

It was so frustrating. I also remember students having the same issues. Someone forgot her homework, another student forgot his jump drive, and especially when it came to group work, I’d hear, “That person isn’t here today! My notebook is at home!”

How did I solve this frustrating problem? My school started using Google Apps, so I had to learn.

At first I was resistant, but once I realized the power of having access to your documents anytime from any device, I was sold. I immediately saw applications for my classroom, professional, and personal life.

As result of this course you will:

  • Learn how-to create and collaborate with Google Docs for professional and classroom use
  • Evaluate how Google Docs can enhance curriculum
  • Discuss pros/cons of private and public viewing of information
  • Confer on value of Google Apps versus Microsoft Word, Corel Word, etc.
  • Create engaging lessons and activities with Google Docs

Google Docs for the Connected Classroom will address the relationship between content, pedagogy, and technology while covering the nuts and bolts of Google Docs and how to use this app within the context of your classroom.

My hope is that you can take what you learn in this course and put it in the context of your classroom or your role as an educator. Google Docs for the Connected Classroom will make your life easier and help you use your time more efficiently.


This course lasts 2 weeks and features:

  • One pre-recorded webinar outlining how-to use Google Docs (participants will be asked to watch this video before attending the first live webinar)
  • Two 60-minute, live, interactive webinars
  • The Webinars will be held on Mondays from 7:30-8:30pm Eastern (New York) time
  • A Powerful Learning Practice facilitator to provide tech support and foster discussion and learning during the webinar
  • Your participation in a virtual community will facilitate discussions, promote collaboration, and deepen understanding.
  • Readings, tutorials, and practical examples that supplement the live discussion for the week
  • An archived recording of the session

Specific topics to be covered in the weekly content include:


What is Google Docs and what makes it different from other word processing tools?


Learn how-to create and collaborate with Google Docs. You’ll discover how-to create private & public documents, adjust the layout, use add-ons, organize with folders, invite others to edit, comment and more!


Google Docs in the Classroom

Find out how-to enhance your curriculum with Google Docs and see how easy it is to use with your colleagues and parents for professional use.

What they’re saying…

“I was amazed! 5 stars”

Jennifer is very responsive to student needs – I am amazed at the sheer amount of work it must take for her to respond so thoughtfully to each participant’s posts. She always responds with a follow up question or idea that supports a continuing dialogue around the learning. In addition to her direct support of learning, she also organizes a very thorough library of support tutorials that one can return to at anytime, even after the course has ended.

I have often gone back to the course space, even more than a year later, to access these video libraries. What I find most helpful is that each video is quite short and addresses a single task. Whatever the question, there’s usually a “how to” video somewhere in the library. If there isn’t, Jennifer will create one before the next class. Finally, when I’ve encountered problems that aren’t addressed in the library, a quick email to Jennifer directly always results in a timely response. I’m amazed at how much effort Jennifer puts into answering specific questions to support our learning and implementation of these tools in our classrooms.

Laurie R.


“Engaging in a PLP course gives me a wonderful boost”

I have recently taken a blended course at another university that met asynchronously, but PLP is always such a wonderful experience. Somehow PLP has really sought to create “connections” and shows their value towards the coaching model of instruction. I can come in not knowing much about a tool and be in an Elluminate space with others with varied experiences and feel that the learning ecosystem is positive but really works to meet the objectives. I highly recommend PLP. When I feel like I am getting “dusty and old” engaging in a PLP course gives me a wonderful boost of the possibilities. I reallly think that using Elluminate helps us connect as it allows us to use the chat as well as use the mic to hear one another respond. It really was excited about how we can share our doc for other in our sharing session using the Elluminate “share” feature.

Judith C.


“Want to learn? Take Google Docs”

This course was a terrific learning experience. It’s 21st century adult learning that can powerfully impact and improve your skills. The best aspect of the course was the instructor – Jennifer. She is in the real world as a current practicing professional who understands what educators need for their professional development. Self-paced and exciting, this is the way to learn.

Tony Meinerding


“Great opportunities for collaboration”

The instructors were great facilitators in the course. The webinars provided great opportunities for collaboration. The grouping activities in the webinars kept participants engaged in the learning activities. I also enjoyed all of the additional reading materials and links in the PLP Community.

Mitzi Vincent


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About The Instructor

Jennifer Bloomingdale

Jennifer Bloomingdale

Google For Education Certified Trainer, Course Instructor

Jennifer Bloomingdale graduated from the College of St. Rose in 2006 with a Bachelors in Childhood Education. In 2011 she completed her Masters in Educational Technology and became a New York State certified Educational Technology Specialist.  Jennifer has four years of elementary teaching experience, which includes implementing a 1:1 netbook initiative. It was through her teaching experience and masters program that Jennifer developed a passion for integrating technology and assisting others in doing so. She has been an eCourse facilitator at Powerful Learning Practice for three years and also a Google Educator certified in both Google Apps and Chromebook.

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Is this a “live” course? Can I take it whenever I like?

This course is a blend of live webinars and asynchronous discussion. You can review the content whenever you like, including replays of the webinars.

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This course starts on a specific launch date. Each week, you'll receive new course content. You then have access to the course material forever.

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What they’re saying…

“Gave me confidence!”

Google Apps 101 has given me confidence and a general understanding of Google Docs. I feel comfortable using Google Docs and have already had success!

“Loved all of the ideas! 5 Stars”

I got my specific questions answered and ideas from others on how they are using Google docs!

Nancy Lamb


“Great course and presenters”

What I will remember and utilize most from this eCourse is Google drive, templates and groups!

Angenine Goode


Learn Google Docs for the classroom and beyond

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