Teaching and Learning in an Online or Blended Classroom

Overnight, teaching online went from an idea to a survival skill. For the first few days we did not think we would make it, but we did! Now we need to refine our skills and move from surviving to thriving.
an elementary student sits at a desk while learning from her teacher on the desktop computer

As we begin the school year completely online, face to face or a combination of the two, we all need support in making this transition. 

The end of last school year was more a rapid transition to emergency remote teaching often with scaled back standards which is not the same as planning to teach online for a full year. 

It is important to understand best practices in planning and facilitating teaching and learning in online spaces, as it is so much more than just digitizing face to face lessons.

In this course, you will add to your current teaching skills the ability to leverage technology. We will show you how to move from just surviving to thriving.

Want to move from surviving to thriving as you navigate your new normal?

Then this course is for you! 

In this 8-week, instructor-led course, we’ll learn together while using blended, inquiry driven methods as a means to becoming effective and proficient online and connected educators.

Teaching in a Blended or Online Learning Classroom is a course that will prepare you to teach in an online and/or blended classroom.


Through this 8-week eCourse you will explore:

  • Planning and delivering online instruction through engaging and interactive lessons,  discussions and questioning techniques
  • Designing a central learning hub for the classroom
  • Building trust in your online classroom
  • Communicating with students and parents
  • Leading online meetings
  • Managing and facilitating group projects in online and blended spaces
  • A variety of virtual assessment strategies, including authentic assessment and more
  • Challenges to teaching and learning online

Teaching in a blended or online learning classroom will enable you to facilitate learning in whatever learning environment you find yourself in during this unique school year whether it is completely virtual, face to face or a blend of both. 

In this course, we will share examples, strategies, tools and creative methodologies to assist you to teach online in effective ways.  We will support you as you locate, develop and organize instruction resources and help you develop online facilitation and communication skills.

 As a result of the Teaching in a Blended or Online Learning Classroom course you will gain resources, confidence and a community to navigate your new normal. 

This course lasts 8 weeks.

During this learning journey, we’ll engage in asynchronous discussions and activities along with meeting weekly on Tuesdays for webinars to support your learning.

Each week features:

  • Resources that become the foundation for interactive conversations in the weekly webinar
  • Asynchronous threaded discussions and activities in a private online space that promote collaboration and deepen understanding
  • A 90-minute, live, interactive webinar that will be held on Tuesdays at 7 PM Eastern
  • An archived recording of the session
  • Access to the PLP Community Hub to connect with other educators and explore shared resources

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In just 8 weeks, learn to design and facilitate your online and blended learning classroom

Course starts on January 11, 2021! 


Specific topics to be covered in the weekly content include:

Week 1: Introduction and  District/School Plans

Week 2: Best Practices in Planning and Facilitating Online Teaching and Learning

Week 3: Designing Engaging and Interactive Lessons and Activities

Week 4: Leading Effective Online Meetings

Week 5: Managing and Facilitating Collaborative Projects Online

Week 6: Designing Online Assessments

Week 7: Communicating with Students and Parents

Week 8: Challenges to Teaching and Learning Online and Reflecting on Course Learning




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In just 8 weeks, learn to design and facilitate your online and blended learning classroom.  

Course starts on January 11, 2021! 


About The Instructor

April Chamberlain

April Chamberlain

April is a Content Expert and Connected Coach for Powerful Learning Practice. From a young age she knew she wanted to be a teacher. She taught elementary students for ten years before becoming the technology teacher for a 3-5 school servicing 1,000+ students. April became the District Technology Integration Specialist supporting all K-12 teachers in her district. After seven years, she had the opportunity to become the Technology and School Library Coordinator where she now works with both the technical and instructional teams to support learning. She is passionate about developing learning resources and opportunities to support all learners of different abilities. You can find out more on on Twitter @aprilpc

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This instructor-led course is a mixture of live webinars, asynchronous discussion, videos, written content, worksheets, downloadable goodies, and more.

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This course is a blend of live webinars and asynchronous discussion. You can review the content whenever you like, including replays of the webinars.

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