Twitter Tips for Teachers

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Free Twitter tips for teachers

Many educators are leveraging Twitter as a powerful learning strategy in the 21st Century.

But how do you get started with Twitter? Maybe you made an account that never really went anywhere.

We’ve put together some best practices for using Twitter in your classroom or as a professional.

Create a username that will make it easy for others to find you

  • A name such as plpnetwork is going to be more easily recognized than ed123plp0xz
  • You can change usernames (w/o loss of data) but it’s best to not make a habit of switching names so your followers aren’t confused
  • If you choose a short username, it will make it easier for others to retweet your posts

Check Twitter daily to review posts and add new information

  • Many educators find it easier to make a habit of going online at the same time so it becomes part of their daily routine.
  • Keep abreast of who and what’s trending in education. Twitter provides a wealth of information for educators.

Add a photo and information to your profile

  • People are more likely to follow you if you have a profile photo
  • Post some information about who you are and a few tweets to get started

Become a producer

  • It’s okay to lurk (at first), but to take full advantage you’ll need to move beyond being a consumer of information
  • Recommend educational resources
  • Challenge, expand and share your professional philosophies and pedagogies

Use Twitter to engage students and parents

  • Keep students and parents informed through Twitter
  • Develop classroom projects/lessons that involve the use of Twitter
  • Create a classroom Twitter account and/or hashtag for your class to follow and use
  • Use Twitter as a class (esp. for those with students to young to have their own accounts)

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