Meet our team

Meet our team

Powerful Learning Practice is run by a smart, dynamic team of seasoned educators, community leaders, and up and coming thought leaders. Meet our team.

What is the SHIFT?

Powerful Learning Practice was created because we noticed that the world is changing, but schools are not. Read about the SHIFT and how we are preparing educators around the globe to keep their classrooms and their kids up to date with these fast-paced, changing times.

What they’re saying

We have powerful stories and real-life results of how our year-long professional development has changed educators and administrators from around the world. Read their stories.

What we believe

We believe in messy learning. We believe in being comfortable about being uncomfortable. We believe in being a learner first and an educator second. We have a set of core propositions and beliefs that are the foundation of what we do here at Powerful Learning Practice. Find out what we believe.

Meet our participating schools

We’ve worked with over 7,000 educators, administrators, thought leaders, and more over the past 6 years. We get to network with some pretty amazing and noteworthy people along the way. Check out our participating schools.