Pricing: The Connected Learner Experience

Connected Learner Experience Pricing & Options

Powerful Learning Practice is now taking applications for our year-long, coached, connected learning opportunity. We only have have spots for 20 teams, so we encourage you to apply now. The Connected Learner Experience will kick off in fall 2020.

The professional learning experience is organized into 20 teams comprised of three-to-ten individuals each, with a typical team being five teachers and an administrator. Cohorts can have teams from different states, districts, or schools. A school or district may put in a single team or have multiple teams.

 The cost is $1,500 per person and up to two administrators can join a teacher team at no charge.  

Some ways to enhance your team’s learning experience:

The Connected Leadership Academy

We recognize that educational leaders are often too busy to commit to a year-long, professional learning experience. However, research shows that leaders who model technology use have greater success schoolwide. When you put a team into The Connected Learner Experience you can add-on The Connected Leadership Academy for an additional $350.00 per leader.

Instructional Coaching

In the fall, every one of your instructional coaches will be in high demand, but will they be prepared to meet the needs of the teachers they serve? Every coach needs a coach. When you put a team through The Connected Learner Experience, you can add-on The Instructional Coach package for an additional $450.00 per coach. Want to know what the Instructional Coach package includes?

Self-Paced Courses 

Being able to learn anywhere, anytime and at our own pace allows for greater flexibility. Powerful Learning Practice has a great catalog of self-paced and instructor led courses to supplement your faculty’s learning. When you put a team into The Connected Learner Experience, you can add-on any courses or course bundles for an additional 40% off the listed price. Site licensing is available at an even greater discount ask us for details.  

Still wondering if this is the right fit? Consider this:

When you send an educator to attend a national 3-day conference such as ISTE or NAIS, and you factor in flight, food, hotel, conference the price runs about the same as it does for an educator go to through our Connected Learner Experience.

But unlike a 3-day conference, this is 9 months of coached, personalized, professional learning that supports your teachers each step of the way as they implement digital change.

This is all the professional learning that an educator will need for the entire year at a fraction of the cost and they get a coach too!