5 'Pull' Ideas Are Changing My Mind

You ask how the ideas in “The Power of Pull” have transformed my leading. I’m not so certain about that yet (I think leadership is a blend of pull with an occasional nudge). I am sure, however, that Pull ideas have transformed my learning. For me learning means “changing my mind,” that is, reshaping my thoughts and my worldview. Several new-to-me ideas from Hagel, Brown, and Davison have changed my mind.

The Path from Push to Pull

It was not until my transition into administration that I first began to appreciate the power of pull. Much of this personal transformation was born out of necessity. No amount of push was going to help me flourish as an effective educational leader. Something, someone, somewhere, had to be experiencing the same conflicts, using the same (or better) resources, and could lend a supportive, critical perspective to my daily work with teachers, students, and families. I needed to access that collective wisdom. I needed to attract others who could add to my learning in order to achieve.

Book Chat: Empowered by Pull

For those who are more interested in a learning revolution than in ed reform, this book provides fuel for thought. Education will change, and must change, because of concepts like:

• Moving from push to pull – that is, from extrinsic to intrinsic motivations.
• Positioning ourselves for serendipity – opportunities to assess and attract resources.
• Learning and leading from the edge – the discomfort zone where creation spaces can emerge.