By changing one small part of the file’s URL, you can force students or anyone you share Google resources with to make a copy of the file or view a template to decide if they want to make a copy by using the template. This saves me so much time in the long run. Let me show you.

a laptop with the words force a copy and template on the screen sits on a wooden desk in a classroom

Force a Copy

Step One: Create your Google doc, slides, drawing, sheet, etc. Make sure to set your sharing permissions so anyone with the link or those in your district can view them.

Step Two: Change the word “edit” at the end of the file’s URL to “copy”. It is as simple as that.

Ex. – changed to 

a screenshot from Google Docs that says Copy document.  Would you like to make a copy of Week 1 Hyperdocs? with a blue button that says Make a copy.

Give it a try with one of your Google files. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

See, that was easy. Right?

To View as a Template

Just like before, create your file. Now change the word “edit” at the end of the file’s URL to “template/preview”. Students will see the document and then can choose to make a copy by selecting the Use Template blue button in the upper right hand corner.

Ex. – changed to

an image of the Week 1 Hyperdoc Google doc is on the screen to view with a blue button in the upper right hand corner that says Use Template

When might you choose to create a View as a Template link instead of a Force a Copy link?

There is a Chrome Extension for That

Want a quicker way to force a copy or make a template? Try out the Sir Links-a-lot chrome extension by GeekyEdTech where with a click of the button you choose what you want to do and then copy the link. 

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April Chamberlain

April is a Content Expert and Connected Coach for Powerful Learning Practice. From a young age she knew she wanted to be a teacher. She taught elementary students for ten years before becoming the technology teacher for a 3-5 school servicing 1,000+ students. April became the District Technology Integration Specialist supporting all K-12 teachers in her district. After seven years, she had the opportunity to become the Technology and School Library Coordinator where she now works with both the technical and instructional teams to support learning. She is passionate about developing learning resources and opportunities to support all learners of different abilities.
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