Project-Based Learning Immersion: Designing Quality Projects

This course is the 2nd part of our fantastic three-part series on Project-Based Learning—but if you missed part one, don’t worry, this is still the class for you. In this Q&A video Sheryl tells us all about Project-Based Learning Immersion: Designing Quality Projects: what’s involved, how to get started, and what it has to do with Nemo the fish. Watch the video, check out the PBL info page, and sign up quick! This course begins January 14th 2013, so save yourself a spot in the front row and get ready to dive into passion based learning.

Why you should join us for PLP Lite in 2013

Our wildly popular eCourse, Powerful Learning Practice Lite, is now open for enrollment. The new session is starting soon —January 14th, 2013. Sheryl, the instructor, sat down to tell us a little about this course and why you should step away from the leftover turkey for sec and reserve you spot in this 12-week program for connected learning! Watch the video, then head over to the course page to read even more and get yourself signed up. Hurry! This course will fill up fast.

Transform Your Teaching One Lesson at a Time, says Jennifer Bloomingdale

In an interview about her new five-week PLP e-course, “Transformation, One Lesson at a Time,” teacher-consultant Jennifer Bloomingdale describes how she’ll work with fellow educators who are ready to bring 21st Century teaching ideas into their classroom. “To me, one lesson at a time is important because making any change in the classroom can be overwhelming,” says Jennifer. “I am a strong believer that taking little steps and being patient with yourself will eventually lead to the bigger changes you want to see.”