Project-Based Learning Immersion: Designing Quality Projects

This course is the 2nd part of our fantastic three-part series on Project-Based Learning—but if you missed part one, don’t worry, this is still the class for you. In this Q&A video Sheryl tells us all about Project-Based Learning Immersion: Designing Quality Projects: what’s involved, how to get started, and what it has to do with Nemo the fish. Watch the video, check out the PBL info page, and sign up quick! This course begins January 14th 2013, so save yourself a spot in the front row and get ready to dive into passion based learning.

The Connected Educator Goes Back to School

For Kathy Cassidy, going back to school means “I set up my classroom, I think about how I will meet the needs of the students I will have, and I plan new ways I will meet my curriculum outcomes.” She’s done these things her entire teaching career, of course. “But because I am now a connected educator, I no longer do them alone. I do them with an entire network of educators online.”

Virtual Collaboration for Students: What's a Primary Teacher to Do?

When I talk to other teachers about the benefits of student collaboration, often their biggest question is: How do I find other classrooms to collaborate with? If you are already connected with other educators through social media, this part seems easy, but if you are just beginning your connected journey, it’s a very real problem. If you’re still a little short on virtual teacher colleagues, I’d like to suggest three ways you can begin to connect.

Saving the World: Really

Saving the world could be a powerful way to get students involved in deep thinking. And getting students’ voices heard has been a primary focus for educators involved in changing schools for quite a while now. In an initiative to model the use of inquiry- based...

On the cusp

Professional learning teams— Engaged in action research related to 21st Century change and the shifts we have been exploring in PLP— Many Ohio Consortium teams, transparent in their process— Providing a window onto their exciting, intense, collaborative, and...