The Connected Educator Goes Back to School

For Kathy Cassidy, going back to school means “I set up my classroom, I think about how I will meet the needs of the students I will have, and I plan new ways I will meet my curriculum outcomes.” She’s done these things her entire teaching career, of course. “But because I am now a connected educator, I no longer do them alone. I do them with an entire network of educators online.”

Unselfish Self Promotion

Conversations from the Edge is a series of raw, honest and candid dialogues about education’s shifting learning landscape. Hosted by Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, Will Richardson and our Advisory Board. The following was cross posted from 21st Century

Books to Share

A friend stopped by unexpectedly last night as I was about to go to bed. (I do turn out the lights early these days.) “I was on my way to the library,” she said. “And then I realized I could go to Susan’s house instead!” I laughed,...