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Thanks for being a loyal follower of Powerful Learning Practice. We hope you enjoy this discount on our eCourses launching March 26th. Save $50 for one week only on these two powerful courses:

21st Century-ize Your Curriculum

So you’re convinced that you need to shift your classroom practice to leverage Web 2.0 tools as a powerful learning strategy. But how do you actually do it? In the 21st Century-ize Your Curriculum eCourse, you’ll learn just that.  Get details on the course and read an interview on why you should “power up” with instructor Kevin Jarrett.

School Communications Toolkit for School Leaders

As technology expands daily, today’s school leaders have a wide array of new communications options at their fingertips.  In the School Communications Toolkit for School Leaders eCourse, as we explore 21st Century Skills, ISTE’s NETS for Administrators (NETS-A), Web 2.0 Tools and more, we will discuss how to collaborate and communicate as 21st Century Leaders both in our school communities and beyond.  Get details on the course and find out why it’s important to create your own communications toolkit in this interview with instructor Nancy Caramanico.

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