Last night PLP held its first Live Event of 2010.  Will Richardson interviewed Allan Collins and Richard Halverson, the authors of Rethinking Education in the Age of Technology: The Digital Revolution and Schooling in America. A very brief overview of the conversation: The authors believe schools will not disappear anytime soon, but they contend we are not going to fix education by fixing schools, schools are a 19th century invention trying to cope in the 21st century.  They assert, learning will leave schools behind if schools cannot change fast enough to keep pace with the advances in learning technologies. They also discuss the positive and negative issues associated with a changing education system such as home schooling, learning centers, distance education, workplace learning, technical certifications, equity, the role of web communities in learning. The interview was interesting, with a great deal of conversation taking place in the chat of Elluminate. If anyone is interested in listening to the interview, here is a link to the Elluminate session, please take some time to listen and offer your thoughts here on the conversation as well.

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