Based on this snip by Will Richardson today, I researched Seth Godin’s book, Linchpin: Are you Indispensable.  The following segment grabbed my attention enough to make download the book to my iPad:

‘I am Good at School.’

This is a fundamentally different statement from ‘I did well in school and therefore I will do a great job working for you.’  The essential thing measured by school is whether or not you are good at school.

Being good at school is a fine skill if you intend to do school forever.  For the rest of us, being good at school is a little like being good at Frisbee.  It’s nice, but it’s not relevant unless your career involves homework assignments, looking through textbooks for answers that are already known to your supervisors, complying with instructions, and then, in high-pressure settings, regurgitating those facts with little processing on your part.

I was really good at the game of school.  I see many of my generation who were not good at school who are really good at their professional life.

My kids are really good at school.  I’m going to read Godin with the following question:

Should I be teaching my kids how NOT to be good at school?

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