Welcome to our new group blog, where multiple voices from our Powerful Learning Practice (PLP) communities tell their stories about connected and shifted learning. What I love about this blog is that it isn’t about us (PLP), but about the collective us (the educators and schools) who share a powerful vision about the future of learning.

We’ve titled this group blog “Voices from the Learning Revolution” not because our bloggers are necessarily revolutionary leaders — but because they are leaving behind outdated practices and mindsets and shifting toward the kind of connected, digitally infused teaching and learning that we know our 21st century students need. We have some voices who are strong and well developed in their understanding; we have others who are just beginning their connected learning journey. And we’ll be inviting some guest writers to join us whom most will agree are truly on the front lines of the learning revolution, leading the charge.

We’ve positioned this blog as separate from our regular PLP postings because we want to send a strong message that Voices from the Learning Revolution is not about marketing our company — it’s about engaging a large audience of educators and other change agents in a significant discussion about what learning must become. For us, this is about storytelling, capacity building, and giving back. This is about sharing what educators and schools who are part of the Powerful Learning Practice network are doing as they put all they have learned in our community and their networks into their daily professional practice.

Voices from the Learning Revolution — like everything we do at PLP — is also about creating and mobilizing connected, collaborative communities to accelerate the Shift. So we need you to join our conversations. We must have your voices. Read, post your own thoughts, and push the work of this excellent blogging team out through your own networks. Together, we are so much smarter than we are apart.

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During a 25-year education career, Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach has been a classroom teacher, technology coach, charter school principal, district administrator, university instructor and digital learning consultant. Sheryl is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Powerful Learning Practice, where she works with schools and districts from around the world to re-envision their learning cultures and communities through the Connected Learner Experience and other e-learning opportunities. She is the author (with Lani Ritter Hall) of The Connected Educator: Learning and Leading in a Digital Age (Solution Tree, 2012) and serves on the ISTE Board of Directors.
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