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I’ve been part of some incredible, and even complicated projects that have utilized combinations of Google Docs, Wikis, Blogs and on and on (we’re part of one now – more on that another time) and have involved students across the country and around the world. But today we (a few of my fifth graders that came in during their lunch recess) did this incredible thing:

We Skyped for 5 minutes with Kathy Cassidy’s 1st grade class and shared what jobs (chores) we do around the house (I even got to share mine!). That was it. 5 minutes, during recess … and the 4 students that came in had smiles as big as the great outdoors … and want to leave comments on their new friends’ blog ASAP (so they would be writing because they want to … with 1st graders! … let it sink in).

AND if you knew the students (well 3 of the 4) that came in … you’d have to know my students real well … that was the biggest part of this story … not the students you would guess IF you knew my students well … the tough guys … the cool people that you would guess would think this was dumb. When everyone came back from recess, you’d never guess what they heard as they entered the door and what they feel left out about now – because these guys were all-stars with 1st graders!

5 Minutes during recess. Because it’s easy … and free … and important in ways so many just don’t get.

Learning is messy … and not always all that hard! : )


(and see what another Community Leader Dean Shareski writes about Skype from a different perspective)


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