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As we consider whether the “flipped classroom” is the best approach for learning, PLP has a way for you to experience it.
Shelley Wright, a teacher from Moose Jaw, Canada, has flipped the five-week e-course she and Sheryl Nussbaum Beach are co-teaching. That’s right.
You’ll get the readings, videos, and activities ahead of time to ponder, peruse, and practice. Then, when the class meets synchronously, you will have a chance to share your thoughts.
“It’s neat because teachers can actually experience the flipped classroom if they have never taught in it,” said Shelley, who enjoys the ability to think deeply about the subject matter before meeting her colleagues online. “They are certainly not passive recipients, waiting for us to lecture to them.”
The course, “Passion-based Learning,” covers the theoretical as well as the practical, said Shelley.
Last week, she said, they discussed what inquiry learning would look like in a sixth-grade classroom. All the participants brainstormed and used concept mapping to create a real look at what this might mean in the classrooms, she said.
Future sessions will focus on connecting online and creating those bigger inquiry-based projects that inspire student-centered passion-based learning. As Shelly said in an earlier post, the flipped classroom may not be something we use everyday, but the practice has merit:
Create a collaborative problem solving studio for them to learn in.
The next course begins soon. Join us!
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