The Kincaid School

Team Members: Diana Kokernot, CeCelia O’Connell, Cindy Stanley, Angela Wainright, Larry Kahn.
Community: Dublin-Dallas Year 2, 2010-2011





As we all met we instantly realized it would be best to do it around the subject of history since we all teach history. We brain stormed and came up with the colonization of the Americas. From there, we landed in Texas and thought about the different groups that had influenced our local history. We settled on covering the six flags over Texas using a “Traveling History Show.” I love that the older kids will be coming to teach the younger kids, and then the younger kids will show what they have learned. It is important as Houstonians living in a urban city with different cultures to understand the roots of this diversity. Much of this stemmed out of this period from the Six Flags over Texas. All of us cover this topic in our respective curriculums.
Our long term is to establish this relationship of cross divisions that we lacked before. Not only will this foster a relationship between the divisions, but it will also promote the use of 21st century teaching tools. Our goal for content are that the students involved leave with a greater understanding of cross cultural interactions that specifically affect them as Texans. See our Kincaid Peeps wiki for more details.
Use assessment and evaluation which may include the following: “kidwatching,” observations, anecdotal records, checklists, conferences, informal interviews, student and teacher made rubrics and 2.0 tools. Our main objective when we design the actual assessments will be to create rubrics that are a product of collaboration between the students and the teachers. We don’t want the students to think of this as a “grade,” but more of a reflection of what they have accomplished and areas to grow in.
DRIVING QUESTION: What were the details of the progression of how the six flags changed from one country to the next to the next?

Essential Questions: Who were the key players (individuals/government)? What role did each play? How did their actions affect the other? What role did greed play in these changes? What flag would you create to represent Texas today? What is the impact of the six flags over Texas to those particular countries today? How significant is this to those citizens today? (interface with students from that country) What percentage of Texas’ population today is represented by those cultures (Spanish, Mexican, France,US)?

Everybody films their part (your classroom)

– Lower School – Lower school will bring in a special character to tell a story to the little ones.

– Middle School – Simulation of a historical scene from the Six Flags of Texas.

– Upper School – Will talk about the Six Flags over Texas amusement parks and its relevance to actual history.

Our culminating objective is to bring all three division together in the creation of a collaborative project that will showcase their knowledge of the Six Flags over Texas, provide a digital footprint for others to learn from, and hopefully better the culturally diverse community in which they currently live in.

For even more detail and reflections from team members, visit the team’s wiki page.

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