The Perkiomen School

Team Members: Paige Longstreth, Kate Hammond, Pete Dougherty, Ben Fidler, Catie Gibbons, Jacob Hauser, Michael Romasco
Community: ADVIS Year 1, 2010-2011

Our project is focused on professional development. We will create a community Ning to support the integration of technology and Web 2.0 tools to educate our 21st Century learners. The Community Ning will be supplemented by summer and school year workshops on targeted tools as well proper usage of them. The goals are to increase faculty comfort with and use of technology and web 2.0 tools both in their personal information management and their teaching practice.


We have access to a number of technological resources, including ActivBoards, Moodle, etc. that are not being used to their maximum potential because of needed faculty training time. While some faculty members are comfortable and proficient integrating technology and Web 2.0 tools into their teaching, many desire more education and examples of effective use. We have all the resources we need, we just need to empower our teachers with the time and knowledge to become true 21st century educators. Our hope is that the Ning and offered workshops will help direct a cultural shift within our school toward becoming a community of practice.
In order to promote a school culture of collaboration and promote the use of a TPACK model in our classrooms, we want to increase faculty comfort and proficiency with technology and web 2.0 tools, encourage all teachers to develop a Personal Learning Network, and make sharing and learning from each other a built-in part of our everyday work. To do this, we hope to get 50% of the faculty to participate somehow in a summer workshop, and 100% participation in the workshops during the school year. We conducted a baseline survey this year to assess current faculty attitudes toward and use of technology, and to gauge interest in the workshops and online community. We will also conduct follow up surveys, and use participation numbers to measure success. We plan to create a summer reading list and generate a list of Perk Faculty Core Competencies in technology to incorporate into the follow-up surveys.
– Baseline Survey – March 2011

– Presentation to Faculty – June 2011

– Summer Workshops – Summer 2011

– School Year Workshops – August 2011 – June 2012

– Implementation of School Ning – September 2011

– Mid-Year Survey – December 2011

– Final Survey – June 2012

You can find detailed survey results and artifacts on the team’s wiki page.
You can find detailed survey results and artifacts on the team’s wiki page.

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