St. Bernadette of Lourdes School

Team Members: Marilyn DiPaolo, Ann Heron, Terri MacIntosh, Michele Slattery, Kate Tsakiris

Community: Archdiocese of Philadelphia Year 1, 2010-2011

We are using Edmodo as a tool to teach Digital Citizenship to students, and to create groups for faculty sharing and professional development.




Our purpose is to promote Digital Citizenship among students and faculty, and to provide a tool for sharing resources and best practices among the faculty.
Our team formulated 5 goals for our project. They are to:

– Focus on Digital Citizenship as a school community

– Introduce and use Social Networking Tools for Professional Development

– Provide student emails for all students

– Promote sharing and communication for all teachers

– Facilitate the implementation of Core Curriculum Standards

Our evaluation of our goals will include: – Student discussions and projects on Edmodo

– Evidence of faculty participation in Edmodo

– Libraries of Grade Level Educational Resources

– Collaborative sharing of best practices for implementing Common Core Standards

Stage 1, which has been completed, involved each of us to learning to navigate Edmodo and creating our own groups in each of our grade levels – which are 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th. We are a K-8 school. Each of us has developed resources and lessons for teaching digital citizenship to our students on each of these grade levels. We also have a Bernies PLP member group on Edmodo to share and communicate ideas about this experience.

Stage 2, where we are all currently working is to create groups on each level for our students to access our resources and lessons. Here we plan to include videos made by students as well as teachers. (For this we are using the flip cams and Vimeo) We also are in the process of setting up school email accounts for all of our students as part of their journey to become good digital citizens. Currently as a team we are keeping the work private until we feel we are ready to publish.

Stage 3 is to present, share, invite, and provide instruction to all other teachers to join our Edmodo by the end of this school year. Our plan will continue into next fall when we will encourage all faculty members to use Edmodo to: share their best practices and teaching resources with each other. Since we will be implementing National Core Curriculum Standards next year – we envision this tool to be a good place to provide and share resources for supporting teachers as they work to implement Core Standards.

– All students have been using Edmodo for discussions and projects on Digital Citizenship – we were surprised at how much they needed to learn to become informed and responsible Digital Citizens.

– We have observed students excitement and engaged learning while using Edmodo, especially when helping and sharing their knowledge with younger students.

Currently as a team we are keeping the work private until we feel we are ready to publish.


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