Archbishop Ryan High School

Team Members: Kathy Schafer, Pebbles Kaminski, Mary Laska, Kathi Szymborski, Jim Meredith
Community: Archdiocese of Philadelphia Year 1, 2010-2011

For our culminating project, we will be compiling a page on the intersavvy wiki about digital literacy on the secondary level. As members of a three year team, we found that our interests lie in many different places. We have incorporated Web 2.0 tools into the daily environment of our classrooms, and our interests have lead us all to pursue different passions. When the option came up to contribute to the wiki being formed, we felt that this was a good choice, helping us to ‘pay forward’ some of the amazing things that we have learned over the past three years.

Having a reliable source of websites that have been vetted for our needs is something we would have embraced as we began our endeavor. With that in mind, and with our Middle States Implementation plan in mind, we decided to investigate and store some of the better sites for our colleagues to share, and hopefully to contribute to as well.
The objective was to find a sensible way to organize important and relevant resources to help teachers in our school, in our system, and beyond. The page should never be complete. It should continue to grow and expand.

– Find a method for organizing the resources

– Be aware of different resources that might fit well in the parameters

– Create a system of hyperlinks and annotated descriptions.

– Create a system to continually update page

One of our members found a great list of the ten things needed to increase digitial literacy. We used that as the jumping point, and are in the process of organizing our links around a key word in each item. There have been some snafus in the process, with pages not being easily found after we created them. But with the expertise in problem solving and stick-to-it-ness that we have developed after being involved in PLP, we are working to trouble shoot the issue.

Throughout this process, we found that we were more likely to discuss what we were doing in the classroom and to share best practices. In some ways, the project got in the way of productive sharing opportunities. Some of us took our skills with google applications to another level after meeting to focus on this project. In some cases, as in the video above, two classes collaborated using google docs as a peer-reviewing tool. See below for links to the “things” that we have been doing. Interestingly enough, trying to complete this project actually enabled us to collaborate at a different level.

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