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At Powerful Learning Practice, our focus is on learning first and using emerging technologies to make that happen. But many teachers simply don’t understand how to create and sustain blended classroom instruction. Our connected coaches use an appreciative inquiry methodology to help educators think through designing, building, and supporting technology-rich learning environments that support student learning.

Powerful Learning Practice is looking for educators who have a well-developed online voice to serve in the role of Connected Coach for the 2011-12 school year. If you have an aptitude for coaching, we’ll help you think more clearly about your coaching style, which you’ll discover through our Connected Coaching eCourse training (free to anyone we hire in this position).

How to apply

Please fill out this form to apply for this position. Job description and qualifications may be found below.

Job description: Experienced educator to act the role of connected coach in online professional development community that is part of the Powerful Learning Practice community initiative.

Candidate should:

  • be comfortable in using a variety of social networking and Web 2.0 technologies
  • be a good listener, nonjudgmental, curious, tentative
  • hold the belief that every person has the capacity to grow and change from within
  • possess good written communication skills
  • be willing to devote time to developing a deep understanding of an appreciative, strength based approach to coaching and aspects unique to coaching in an online environment
  • be disposed to persevering: ¬†exploring ideas and concepts, rethinking, revising, continual repacking and unpacking, resisting urges to finish prematurely
  • be willing to make a commitment to building capacity within and developing relationships with others

Duties include:

  • act in the role of coach for 4 teams of 5 to 6 members (20-24 individuals)
  • primary responsibility is for nurturing these individuals to build their capacity as connected educators, while also working with the entire team to construct the PLP Team Project (an action research plan or project based learning unit)
  • accomplish this primary goal by building rapport, holding conversations in Elluminate or Skype as needed, determining strengths and weaknesses of individuals and nurturing gifts or delegating tasks as necessary to compensate for weaknesses and team success, ensuring full team participation and community-building experience of all team members
  • develop trust and relationships with team leaders and team members in team rooms of the community
  • keep Community Leader informed on challenges, successes, problems, etc.
  • develop trust and relationship with the coaching team and community leader
  • facilitate thinking using techniques such as paraphrasing, appreciative inquiry, asking questions, and other coaching methods
  • participate in active planning, brainstorming, and storytelling with participants
  • reflect deeply and sharing common successes with the coaching team in common space provided
  • attend monthly connected coach meetings


  • Participation in free Connected Coaching eCourse, facilitated by Powerful Learning Practice, prior to starting position
  • Reports directly to Community Leader
  • Time commitment varies depending on pacing and style but typically will be the equivalent of 10 -15 hours per month over 6 month period
  • This is not an hourly position. The contract is monthly salary based on working as much or as little as needed to get the duties described above done. This position is a contractor’s position not an employee contract and the expectation is the contractor will manage their own hours and work to accomplish the above described duties.
  • Quarterly reports (accomplishments, concerns, questions)


  • This an online position that does not require relocation or travel.
  • This is a contracted position that does not include benefits.
  • Position to be filled by October 1, 2011
  • All content created in PLP communities is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. Conversations between coaches and participants are confidential in that they can not be published outside of the communities without written permission of PLP, coaches, and participants.


Connected Coaches are paid per Community $200 per month for six months for a total of $1,200 USD.

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Sheryl is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Powerful Learning Practice. She works with schools and districts from around the world helping them to infuse technology into their curriculums and by leading other digital conversion efforts. Sheryl also consults with governments, educational organizations and non-profits in development of their various professional learning initiatives. Sheryl is a sought-after presenter at national and international events, speaking on topics related to digital and online learning, teacher and educational leadership, online community building, and other educational issues impacting children of poverty. Sheryl served on the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Board of Directors for six years. She co-authored The Connected Educator: Learning and Leading in a Digital Age with Lani Ritter Hall. Sheryl has four children and four grandsons, Luke, Logan, Levi and Tanner and a trio of dachshunds. You can find out more on her blog and on Twitter @snbeach.

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