Team Name: Northeast Nuts

Team members: Karen Foley, Susan Barron and Victoria Macha

School: Nixon, Barron

Abstract: We want to use Glogster to incorporate technology into the district curriculum at the same time allow parents to instantly view what the students are working on in the classroom.. We also want to get away from paper and pencil lessons that are rather boring and bring excitement back to the classroom.

Problem, Issue, or Possibility: How can we incorporate technology into the district’s packed curriculum while sharing with parents what we are learning at school?

Objectives and Assessment: We think our project will be a small first step to show other teachers how technology can be simply added into an already full day. It seems like we hear more and more often about how there is no time to teach or use technology during the day. We think if teachers will try just this one small change that they will discover that technology doesn’t have to be some huge unreachable goal but can be a highly motivating way to enhance what they are already teaching. We also think that our parents involvement will increase if parents have access to projects like this that show what is being accomplished in the classroom. We plan to prove that this will work by having other campus teachers have their classes build Glogs about what is happening in their classrooms.

Implementation Plan: Timeline –

Sept.11: Our group joined with another group and discussed coming up with a new project. We decided on Glogster as a way of enhancing the curriculum.

Sept.29: We met with Robert Rocha at Nixon to learn more about Glogster

Oct .13: We met with Karen at Fannin to get help with any problems that we might be facing with Glogster

Oct. 20: We met again with Robert Rocha at Nixon. We worked on adding sound clips and a slide show to the Glog page

Groups will work on projects individually.

After the project debut, we would also like to share Glogster with teachers at a faculty meeting and help others if they would like to implement the use in their classroom. We would also like to survey parents to see what they thought about Glogster!

Evaluation and Results: Technical Skills Learned:

Use of digital camera

Use of video camera

How to to use garage band to record voices and save to a MP3 file

How to use Movie Maker to make a movie of photos

How to organize information in order to put it on a glog page

How to use photos and images and give copyright information.

Other Skills Learned:
How to work cooperatively in a group
Determine what type of information is important to include in a presentation.

Artifacts and Documentation: The URL’s below are some of the artifacts that were created through this grant:

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