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This month, we’ve watched as the United States Department of Education has fully embraced the concept of the connected educator with Connected Educator Month. What an exciting time in education, and for each of us as educators.

Here at Powerful Learning Practice, we’ve long believed in the idea of connected, networked, collaborative professional developmentModern PD for modern, 21st century educators means the best teaching and learning for modern, 21st century learners.

At PLP, we use a three-pronged 21st Century approach to professional growth:

  1. Learning communities that happen face-to-face at school.
  2. Purposeful learning networks where we harvest and share resources.
  3. Global, online communities of practice and inquiry where we dig deep.

Each of these three prongs is an essential element in our professional learning model in the work we do at PLP. At the heart of all of this talk about new ways of growing professionally is:

None of us is as good or as smart as all of us.

If we can embrace that idea, we can shift our schools and help our students become powerful learners for a lifetime.

“There is enormous support within the community. “PLPeeps” are there for one another through Twitter and other social media, providing information and encouragement for teachers attempting to shift their classrooms, long after they have completed the program.” – Patti Grayson, Hampton Roads Academy, VirginiaRead more stories of community, transformation, and shift.

Our Connected Learner Experience seeks to do just that. You’ll actively participate in mind-shifting webinars, collaborate in a dynamic online community of fellow learners, and ultimately create a custom learning product that you design.

Teachers, principals and other educators emerge from our year-long Connected Learner Experience as classroom, school and system leaders who get the shift that needs to happen in our schools and who have an arsenal of inquiry-driven, technology-embedded, student-directed teaching and learning strategies.

Best of all, throughout your professional learning experience, our Community Leaders, Connected Coaches and Experienced Voices will be on hand to help you master both the tools and the concepts you need to create classrooms where deep student learning and high achievement are the norm.

We’d like to personally invite you to take a guided tour of our 21st Century professional development opportunity, the Connected Learner Experience. There are two ways to take the tour:

  • Guided by Powerful Learning Practice staffJoin us on August 13th from 9-12am or 2-4pm for a live chat and a chance to get your questions answered by PLP co-founder Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach and other members of our staff. (Times are listed in Eastern (New York).  If you are in a different time zone please use the Time Zone Converter.  International participants please select USA-New York for the location.)
  • Self guidedVisit our tour anytime. Click on videos, links, audio files, and more as you browse through our illustrated experience.


Cohorts are forming now! Join educators from across the globe in a year-long PD journey that will change your teaching forever.

Space is limitedsave your spot in our 2012-13 learning journey.

If you need more information, take our guided tour, or sign up for one of our Connected Learning Webinars to get your questions answered and find out how to get your school involved.

See you there!

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Sheryl is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Powerful Learning Practice. She works with schools and districts from around the world helping them to infuse technology into their curriculums and by leading other digital conversion efforts. Sheryl also consults with governments, educational organizations and non-profits in development of their various professional learning initiatives. Sheryl is a sought-after presenter at national and international events, speaking on topics related to digital and online learning, teacher and educational leadership, online community building, and other educational issues impacting children of poverty. Sheryl served on the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Board of Directors for six years. She co-authored The Connected Educator: Learning and Leading in a Digital Age with Lani Ritter Hall. Sheryl has four children and four grandsons, Luke, Logan, Levi and Tanner and a trio of dachshunds. You can find out more on her blog and on Twitter @snbeach.

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