Tomorrow evening, join the PLP Community as well as the AISI Network for a Twitter chat about Action Research as an Iterative Process.

On Wednesday, January 16, at 9pm Eastern time (7pm Mountain time), you’re invited to join us on Twitter for a live stream of connected learning tweets. The topic for our chat:

Action Research as an Iterative Process

The action research process can help you understand what is happening in your classroom and identify changes that improve teaching and learning. Action research can help answer questions you have about the effectiveness of specific instructional strategies, the performance of specific students, and classroom management techniques.

Action research is an iterative (circular) process, in that you get better results on your second, third, and fourth cycles as you learn more and go deeper. Join us as we share examples of action research and talk about projects we’re working on. You can get your questions answered by people who are doing action research – we will all learn from each other!

If you’re interested in a process that will allow you to be deeply reflective about teaching and learning or if you just want to dive into your first twitter chat, this is the perfect opportunity.

What is a Twitter chat?

A Twitter chat is a lot like any other online chat, where people gather to talk about a specific issue. The great thing about a Twitter chat is it brings people together from all over world to a central area (Twitter) where they can interact in real time. To join a Twitter chat, you just need to know what hashtag is being used. A hashtag is simply a way to search topics on Twitter and is recognized as a word preceded by a “#,” such as #education or #plpnetwork.

twitter-handbookGet a free Twitter Handbook for Teachers

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How do I participate?

You can simply go to and login, then type #plpnetwork or #aisinetwork into the search box at the top. We will be using both hashtags. If you keep refreshing the search results, you will see the chat stream as it comes in through Twitter.

You may also use an application specifically designed to monitor Twitter chats. The most popular options are TwitterfallTweetChatTweetGrid, and TweetDeck. These applications will allow you to enter your search term (#plpnetwork or #aisinetwork) and show a stream that will update in real time (or based on how often you tell the application to refresh the stream).

If you are new to chatting on Twitter, check out our post, How to get the most out of participating in a Twitter chat, for tips and ideas for joining us tomorrow night! See you on Twitter!

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