Next week Powerful Learning Practice will be kicking off our Make & Think Micro-Conference!
It includes three days of content on topics that matter most to you right now!

On day 2, we will be answering questions like these….

  • How can we plan for the future?
  • What tools can support myself, my educators and my school during this time of change?
  • How can we empower teachers to gain the skills the need right now?
  • What might our curriculum look like in the fall?

You’re a teacher leader, PD provider, principal or district administrator and you are trying your best to provide balance, support, and guidance to your educators as you plan the direction for moving forward. Maddening right? There are just so many unknowns and planning with “the end in mind” seems next to impossible!

Day 2 was designed specifically for today’s educational leader. Each session has an experienced leader sharing their plans, tips, ideas and systemic strategies for you to consider as you work your way through what is next for your project, school or district.

Change Leaders: Using Outside Agency as Leverage for Change

Presented by Patrick J Foehr and Kim LeBas

Participants will explore five necessary elements that change leaders must develop in order to move their organizations forward. Exploration of these elements will be through the lens of change being forced upon us (COVID-19 pandemic) by an outside agency. Viewing this challenge as an opportunity for reworking an organization and using our five elements will help you not only navigate your organization through the current situation, but we will help you position your organization to successfully emerge from this challenging time. 

A Leader’s Guide to Leveraging the Power of Google Tools

Presented by April Chamberlain

We often talk about the changes teachers are experiencing transitioning to remote teaching, but how are you doing in transitioning to remote leading? If you are new to using online tools to lead, you more than likely have been frustrated with quickly making the change. The pandemic has taken away the option to choose or not to choose to use technology to communicate, connect, collaborate, and lead. Come learn how leaders are using Google tools such as:

  • Shared Google Drives to support collaboration with grade levels/schools
  • Google Calendar for organization and calendar appointments
  • Connecting with teachers and other administrators using Google Meet
  • Forms to collect and analyze data on what is working and what needs improvement
  • Google Sites to create a virtual front door to the school and classrooms Google Slides to share knowledge
  • YouTube for announcements with closed captions to be accessible for all

Future of DIY Professional Learning in Schools

 Presented by Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach

The idea of teachers orchestrating their own learning, selecting their own mentors, and pursuing just-in-time learning is an idea whose time has come. Emerging web technologies connect learners with content and each other in ways never before possible. COVID19 has us all learning outside classrooms and workplaces through smartphones, tablets, Zoom, Google Meet, Google Classroom and more. More than ever before it is important for you and your teachers to understand what connected learning looks like both in and out of the school building. Join Sheryl as she walks you through the how and why of DIY PD

Reopening Schools: What must it look like?……..What might it look like?

Presented by Neil  Rochelle

As states and communities begin to unveil what “the new normal” will look like for communities and businesses, school leaders are beginning to think about the complex responsibility of what it will take to reopen our schools while following current recommendations to keep our children and adults safe and healthy amidst Covid-19.  At the same time, scientists are discovering while young children may not appear to be a high-risk group for illness, they may very well be asymptomatic carriers of the virus. School leaders must consider and balance the political pressures of reopening with the latest information from science and medicine.  Join us and together let’s brainstorm ideas of what’s necessary….and what’s possible

Starting the Year Strong: Building a Curriculum Road Map That Guides Learning in these Unusual Times 

Presented by Barbara Barreda

Some of the questions we will tackle include the following. What questions are essential to building a plan for learning in the fall? How will we measure learning? How can we as leaders, be an advocate, model, mentor, and coach? How can we provide just in time expertise to support our staff in doing new things and grow capacity for this new reality? The take-aways will include examples and templates for thinking and planning. The workshop will also include discussion and an opportunity to capture the collective wisdom we have gained from the last 3 months.

Click the link below to learn more about Day 1 and Day 3 and to register!

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Jennifer Bloomingdale

Jennifer Bloomingdale graduated from the College of St. Rose with a Bachelors in Childhood Education and a Masters in Educational Technology. She is a former classroom teacher who developed a passion for integrating technology and assisting others in doing so. Jennifer has been an eCourse facilitator at Powerful Learning Practice since 2012, where she developed and facilitated courses on using Google Apps for Education and integrating technology. Her work at PLP introduced her to the world of coaching, which has lead to her becoming a certified evocative coach and an instructional coach.

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