You’ve heard us talk about the Instant Impact Collaborative and how it’s the answer to teacher overwhelm. Maybe you think it’s too good to be true? We get it, there are a lot of people trying to help educators right now and saying whatever they can to get your attention. That’s not Powerful Learning Practice. 

Why is Instant Impact Collaborative Cohort the answer to teacher overwhelm? 

  1. Culture of Care: You will be surrounded by caring coaches and other participants that are going through the same things you are. Together you will find solutions to your toughest challenges. 
  2. Resources: Vetted resources, printables, downloadables, and strategies, all saving you time and energy! 
  3. Collective Intelligence: When you bring together a group of people moving towards a common goal, you walk away energized and inspired with so many possibilities to implement. 
  4. Personalized: You are in the driver’s seat! You determine what you learn, how and when you learn it! We trust that you know your school, your students, and yourself best and take the pieces that you need and skip over what you don’t. 
  5.  At PLP we believe in Maslow’s before Bloom’s for both students and Teachers. We have designed the Instant Impact strategy around Maslow’s to help you move from getting your most basic needs met all the way to self actualization and beyond. 
  6. A personal coach: What really sets Instant Impact Collaborative apart from all the other programs being offered right now is your having access to a personal coach 24/7. Enroll today and get 1:1 and small group coaching whenever you need it. 

Instant Impact Collaborative Cohort was truly developed to meet your needs and stop overwhelm! The best part? It’s year-long support for the cost of a day long conference!

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Jennifer Bloomingdale

Jennifer Bloomingdale graduated from the College of St. Rose with a Bachelors in Childhood Education and a Masters in Educational Technology. She is a former classroom teacher who developed a passion for integrating technology and assisting others in doing so. Jennifer has been an eCourse facilitator at Powerful Learning Practice since 2012, where she developed and facilitated courses on using Google Apps for Education and integrating technology. Her work at PLP introduced her to the world of coaching, which has lead to her becoming a certified evocative coach and an instructional coach.

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