Book Chat: Empowered by Pull

For those who are more interested in a learning revolution than in ed reform, this book provides fuel for thought. Education will change, and must change, because of concepts like:

• Moving from push to pull – that is, from extrinsic to intrinsic motivations.
• Positioning ourselves for serendipity – opportunities to assess and attract resources.
• Learning and leading from the edge – the discomfort zone where creation spaces can emerge.

Unconference: Revolutionary professional learning

Unconferences are participant-driven professional learning gatherings. The “un” refers specifically to the fact that there is no top-down organization, no high registration fees, and no vendors. In the edcamp movement, the agenda is self-organizing, formed on-the-spot the day of the gathering. That’s the beauty of it, and also what makes people – especially some administrators – so nervous about it. How can you show up the morning of conference with a blank agenda and create what participants say is “the Best PD ever”?