The Connected Educator Goes Back to School

For Kathy Cassidy, going back to school means “I set up my classroom, I think about how I will meet the needs of the students I will have, and I plan new ways I will meet my curriculum outcomes.” She’s done these things her entire teaching career, of course. “But because I am now a connected educator, I no longer do them alone. I do them with an entire network of educators online.”

Magic and Serendipity in Our Global Primary Classroom

It was magical learning about a place my students had never before heard of and will probably never see for themselves. Learning that was totally led by the students and their interest in that classroom in Greece. And that learning will continue. The children in Greece, too, have questions for us to answer. More magic. More serendipity. I love my connected classroom.

We Must Help Students Connect and Collect

I’m a great fan of using all the web 2.0 tools I can find to facilitate and encourage my students in their learning. And they are learning to love blogging! All my students studying International English write blogs. It’s a great way for me to keep track of what they’re working on and how well they know the material. They started writing on their blogs in August, and it was a great surprise to all of them when last week in class we accidentally looked at our site statistics and discovered we had an international audience.

Making Connections at #140

(Cross-posted and audio here) I had the distinct pleasure to lend my voice to the #140 Character Conference in Boston today.  I sat on a panel with my very good friend Patrick Larkin, and my newest friend, Kirsten Olson.  Our panel discussion was entitled, Real Time...