Lead at the Edge: Will & Sheryl talk about their 21st century leadership e-course

PLP co-founders Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach and Will Richardson talk about their five-week Leading Edge Boot Camp e-course and how it can help education leaders not only understand 21st Century technologies that challenge traditional curriculum and pedagogy but how savvy leaders can use digital tools and connectivity to expand learning opportunities and assure all students thrive in the new millennium.

The Only Real Legacy a Superintendent Leaves

Knowing that in just a few years after departure, no one will remember the current administrator, their programs, or their philosophy, one has to wonder what a superintendent can do to have a legacy? There is only one thing: Build a school. That’s right, a new school. Much like a President’s Supreme Court nomination, the building of a school will be the only nearly-permanent legacy that will have any truly lasting consequence.