Video Conferencing from Your Classroom

Talk to and write with a well-known author. Visit the zoo and learn about endangered species. Immerse yourself in Mardi Gras tradition with students and teachers who live in New Orleans. Travel to the White House. Or to an ancient Roman villa. Or even to China. Video conferencing offers so many opportunities for teachers and students to learn from experts, colleagues or kids their own age. Stephanie Bader shares some of what she’s learned and asks you to add to the knowledge base.

PLP Live: Could This Be Your First Day of Transformation?

Interview with Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach: “I think this conference is going to be incredible. This is not marketing talk — this is my passionate belief: If you are a teacher or school leader who is feeling more and more restless about shifting your professional practice to serve the urgent, unmet needs of iGeneration students, this could be the day your transformation begins.”

Google Jockeys in the Classroom

Marsha Ratzel and Shelley Wright are regular writers here at PLP’s Voices from the Learning Revolution group blog. They both teach science, they both keep popular personal blogs about their classroom practice. Marsha’s from Kansas, Shelley’s from Saskatchewan. Shelley teaches high schoolers, Marsha teaches ‘tweens. They’ve never met but they’ve become colleagues and collaborators thanks to their Powerful Learning Practice experience. This dialogue about classroom Google jockeys is their first joint post for VFLR.